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testimonialsWe continually strive to deliver elite SEO, Social Media and Web Design Services, that not only meets their expectations, but goes beyond anything they thought possible. Sometimes the “before and after” numbers even surprise us. RSI Insurance is a good example of this.

There is great satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your job well and served your clients’ business interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing  Vab Media  with their reviews and testimonials.

Take a look at a few of our Client Reviews.

Andrew has been a long-time Startup Grind contributor – before we were any good, before we had a big audience, and before this Slack community – and wrote some of the most popular pieces on our site. He’s an SEO mastermind and an all-around internet guru.

Michael Gasiorek, Editor in Chief, Startup Grind  

Andrew is one of the most talented and best writers I’ve ever worked with. He has a sophisticated understanding of strategy and technology — both of which he is passionate about teaching and writing

Deanna Rampton, Freelance Editor, Entrepreneur.com

Vab media Digital Agency’s initial recommendations have increased our search volume by 300%, and we are confident of their ability to further scale that traffic. In addition, they have played a significant role in increasing the overall understanding of SEO in our organization. Just search Solar Santa Cruz and we are dominating that and many other keyword phrases. I can’t thank them enough.

James Allen , President, Allterra Solar

I’ve worked with Vab Media since 2009 and recommend them wholeheartedly. They are my go-to company for web design, social media and digital marketing. It is always a pleasure working with these fine folks. All our projects have been on-time and within budget.

Nada Miljkovic , Instructor, Stanford University

Vab Media fits in well in New York. They are innovative and tenacious marketers. I am a bottom line type of a guy. If it is not working I don’t pay for it. If I can get calls from the internet, without having to send someone out to do sales or use traditional cold calling methods, I’m all for it! Vab Media is helping us get calls and convert more customers.  We are getting over 10,000 unique visitors a month on average now. Vab Media increased our traffic by over 1000% from when we first contacted them. They are awesome. I recommend them to anyone that wants to convert sales from their web site.

Ira Holm, President, RSI Insurance

Andrew and Vania of Vab Media digital agency has played a crucial role in helping Coworkrs dramatically improve our organic search engine positioning against much larger competitors like Regus and We Work, across a wide variety of relevant keyword phrases related coworking and commercial office space in NYC. I have found their insight into SEO to be extensive and reliable. Their consulting approach is very detailed and comprehensive but always explained in an understandable way. They increased our goal conversions from 10 to 229 per month in less than 4 months of hiring them. Thanks to them, our internal staff has also increased their SEO proficiency.
Vab Media’s level of service frequently makes us feel like we are their only client. We always received prompt, detailed answers to our SEO and analytics goal completion questions. They have frequently gone the extra mile in solving problems and researching new solutions. I would highly recommend Vab Media as an digital partner for growth online!

Eric Steiner COO, Coworkrs

Andrew Broadbent is talented and client minded consultant. My clients have unique needs and Andrew has shown the ability to look at each situation and come up with solutions that fit. Vab Media is up to date on current events and changes in the SEO world and can react to changes efficiently. I respect Mr. Broadbent for his ethical approach and his ability to come up solutions to meet client’s needs. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who needs an online marketing expert.

Geoff Fargo President, Container Alliance Co

“We contacted Vab Media for SEO help, but we ended up re-designing our website,and it started ranking on Google soon after launch. We immediately noticed the increase in calls. There is so much more helpful information on our new website, that it helps those browsing decide to buy.”

James Sampson, Owner of Airtight Windows and Vinyl Siding 

Vab Media is excellent at Search Engine Optimization and Web Design. They built me a brand new website, that showcases my projects in a very modern looking way. My customers love my new website. They have written several articles for Broadbent Construction. Vab Media helps business owners with keyword research and analysis and search optimized content writing. They got my site on page 1 of Google for many keywords phrases, one important one that gets me business is  Greenwich,CT contractors. I recommend their services to any business that wants higher Google rankings and more customers for business. Feel free to give me a call if you want to know more about Vab Media’s services.”

Paul Broadbent, Owner of  Broadbent Construction

Vab Media has been crucial to growing our facebook and Twitter followers as well increasing exposure over our targeted market. They managed social media campaigns, marketed our Youtube channel and videos, and reached out to other websites related to child labor, human trafficking, and social awareness. They came to our events as our brand evangelists and used the photos they took at the events to update our fans over various networks. They expanded our professional network and added all our products to our company page on linkedin”


Monica Gill, Executive director at Greenlight Apparel

Vab Media gave my blog and Mother’s Day Campaign a boost. Vab Media started out training me in twitter and I quickly grew my follower base. I went from 30 to 500 in less than a month! When I came to them with an idea about a Mother’s Day Campaign, they recommended I launch a video that showed how over 40 moms struggled to conceive, and it was a hit! The video was featured on CNN on Mother’s Day! They also developed a community in the form of a forum that allowed other over 40 moms to share their experiences and offer each other support. My facebook fan base also increased as a result of the custom facebook landing page they created for the campaign. I feel like no business can go without their unique approach to social media. After some networking on various channels, including youtube itself, Flower Power Mom’s channel on youtube has pulled in over 4,900 views in a few months.”


Angel La Liberte, Founder of Flower Power Mom.

Andrew of Vab Media, is a search engine optimization specialist that has demonstrated a clear ability to analyze, develop and implement targeted strategies aimed at improving a site’s placement in organic search results.
He helped the St George market and lease 8 vacant rooms in less than a week. He is also able to clearly communicate technical information to business owners in terms they can understand and embrace. Going beyond SEO, he becomes an integrated team member and is always willing to roll-up his sleeves and do what is necessary to get the job done. I recommend Vab Media’s internet marketing capabilities to any business owner”.

Morse Husin, Manager of St George Residence

Jaclyn, Great piece and very timely. Crowdfunding is the next step in the natural evolution between content creators and their audience. This piece looks at some of the practicalities and two case studies. Invaluable if you’re thinking of running a campaign. It’s an excellent piece on a subject that has many facets and you managed to make it pretty comprehensive. No easy task without losing readability so kudos I will be happy to reshare it.”   

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