If you just don’t have the budget to pay someone to manage your social networks, we can guide you and help you focus your social media strategy. 

social-media-consultingIt’s About People, Not Logos

People have the power. Your customers trust one another far more than they trust your brand. And trust in companies and organizations is at an all-time low.

With organic reach in social becoming ever more elusive, the keys to success include unlocking customer and employee advocacy, and combining them with smart, paid social placement.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been using social networks for a while, but just haven’t seen a good return on investment, we can help.

We do phone, online, or in person consultations and tutorials.  Our prices start at $125 per hour.

We’ll work with you at any level and check in on you to make sure you’re getting more followers, likes, or traffic to your website.

Social media is not one size fits all when it comes to every industry. This is why we tailor social media tutorials for individual businesses.


It’s Social. And It’s Also Media.

We work with New York’s leading startup brands and organizations to help them gain more customers through a smart combination of organic and paid social, while also keeping their customers with outstanding social-powered customer service.

We specialize in social media training and teaching:rocket

    • Social Media for sales and marketing
    • Social Media for small business owners
    • Social Media for nonprofit organizations
    • Social Media for corporations
    • Social media monitoring tools, which ones to use?
    • Social assessment tools, which ones?
    • Analysis of your current social media marketing program
    • Comprehensive social media marketing strategy
    • How to create a strategy
    • How to create a viral campaign
    • Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube and other tools of social networks
    • Using location based applications (Foursquare, FB Places, Yelp etc.)

Send us your Twitter handle, Facebook page link, and website url; and we’ll check them out and develop a session plan to fit your needs.    

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