Why Aculyst choose Vab Media for their website rebranding, thought leadership content development needs

The healthcare analytics company Aculyst has been offering consulting services to a number of pharma and hospital organizational executives for the past half decade on how to better govern and manage data to make better business decisions. Aculyst’s founder and CEO Asha Saxena, who is a Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Adjunct Professor, tech entrepreneur, CEO coach, and big data public speaker was looking for a New York digital agency to partner within the summer of 2018 to help with redesigning the corporate website, mapping out a content strategy and enhancing her expertise and branding with thought leadership outreach. Some of the challenges included how competitive the healthcare industry is, the number of big data, AI and healthcare startups and developing a publisher outreach strategy to build upon her online presence. The Vab Media team was up for the challenge and sought the expertise of Staci Wilkes, who has deep healthcare industry expertise, to assist in branding and content strategy. We kicked off our first strategy meeting to redefine her service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, graphic design elements, brand positioning, and ways to enhance her presence on Google as a knowledge graph entity and guest post contributor article ideas.

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand, and size of future business opportunities.  

Aculyst’s Business Goals: 

  • To rebrand the company as being healthcare industry-focused.
  • To develop strategic content that would show Asha Saxena’s expertise and thought leadership which would be published on external, relevant industry publications for branding.
  • Help with email outreach to develop relationships with editors at Entrepreneur Mag and Dataversity. 
  • To redesign an outdated WordPress website that would include fresh search optimized, industry-relevant content that was meant to rank for relevant keyword phrases 
  • Help to establish her presence on Google by using strategies to have her become a  verified knowledge graph panel entity [information panel boxes that appear on Google when searching for a prominent individual or famous person ]    


We delivered a content-focused rebranding strategy that would showcase Asha Saxena as a leader in data analytics for the healthcare industry. We did this by developing content relevant to those in the data analytics industry. We sought publication guest posting opportunities. We also started doing keyword research to understand what are the pain points, problems and intent behind the searches related to how healthcare industry organizations look for analytics and big data services and solutions for improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and unlocking insights and innovation.  

We developed healthcare industry-focused content. We also created content for publishing on external publications that were focused on the areas she teaches courses to Columbia University students, such as big data, analytics, business use cases, data science and AI. We researched competitors in order to develop relevant content that could be used to rank and increase Aculyst’s search rankings related to the company’s strategic capabilities and industry solutions. 

Web and Graphic Design

We developed a custom design layout for the home page, service, and industry pages. The brand colors resembled the colors on the logo. We also designed custom graphic icons to showcase service areas and industries.  

graphic work

We created a mega menu on which we added the icons with text about each menu item.   

mega menu -uxWe also created custom graphics for highlighting certain “call to action” sections such as on the homepage that is the color red.  

graphic design work

Thought Leadership Contributor Publishing   

Asha Saxena Dataversity Contributor WorkWe helped Asha further building her authority as a tech and big data industry thought leader.  We researched and collaborated with her each month to develop new content ideas that she cared about that were insightful and pitched to them to re-establish relationships with editors from business publications such as Entrepreneur Mag and Dataversity. By first pitching and submitting a well researched and original guest post article to get her in as a regular contributor at each publication. These thought leadership articles allowed her to continue to share her top insights each month with the world and get published in reputable business media publications.  With Vab Media Digital Agency, she was able to expand her network and help her to get featured in a few top media publishers to amplify her message, reach more people, and grow her business. 

pr-outreachShe enjoys public speaking, and we helped her become a public speaker for Dataversity’s Enterprise Data World Conference 2019  Recently we were thrilled and proud to learn from an email from the editor to our client that our thought leadership content development collaboration got her listed in Dataversity’s Top 10 Bloggers for Q3 2019 (July – September), with our article being the 3rd most popular and read article on the whole site. This data management site gets over 170k monthly visits and is read by enterprise data scientists, IT and analytics professionals which are her target audience.  

content marketing guest post work

I had great experience in collaborating on marketing initiatives. Highly recommend their services.”

Asha Saxena

Founder and CEO of Aculyst Inc.




Google Knowledge Panel Optimization 

Knowledge panels are information boxes that appear on Google when you search for entities (well-known people, places, organizations, things) that are in the Knowledge Graph. When you search for a famous executive, artist, actor, government official, or celebrity you see a box appear on the top right on Google’s search results page that will show images, a short snapshot of information about them such as date of birth, social profiles, and a bio preview. 

We also were able to claim her knowledge graph panel, a service by Google, which requires a great amount of verification and enough notable authoritative citations.  

Google knowledge panel optimization

Website launch and Improved Search Rankings 

We finished designing and launching the new redesigned Aculyst website in just a few months, and already her website is beginning to rank for several unbranded longtail keyword search terms, such as “Pharma analytics consulting”, “healthcare data analytics consulting services” ,“MDM strategy consulting” and “Master data management consulting for healthcare industry.” Since her website domain was over 5 years old, it had some history and authority and we were able to build some backlinks from authoritative sites such as Dataversity and Columbia University which helped.    

“Pharma analytics consulting” 

“healthcare data analytics consulting services” 


“Master data management consulting for healthcare industry” 

MDM solutions




Preserved all original organic rankings, as well as adding value with strategic link building throughout the site migration.



Using our refreshed visual styles and UI components to more accurately reflect Aculyst’s healthcare solutions and service and their expertise.



Our content and editor outreach helped to her to land public speaking spots at Dataversity’s Enterprise Data World Conference

Aculyst was able to establish authority with a whole new audience of healthcare clients while engaging their existing customers with new and valuable information that created contagious brand loyalty. Thanks largely to Vab Media’s efforts, Aculyst is now at the forefront of search visibility when people search for several long tail healthcare analytics phrases.            

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