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Our aim is to help clients integrate their business vision and goals with their digital presence, showcase their expertise, and help them attract customers via advertising and content marketing strategies so that they can continue the great work they do in their communities.

We’re interested in working with local businesses to help them get set up on Google, and with independent professionals and consultants who would like to improve their thought leadership content. We also provide great strategies for ecommerce sites to improve conversions.

VAB Media Digital Agency was founded in 2009 by Vania Benavides, originally under the name Vabulous then it was rebranded in 2012 to VAB Media Digital Agency. In the beginning years, it started out as a blog about sustainability, then it was transformed to a freelance web design and social media business.  

We started this business because we felt passionate about getting companies to look good online, show up on Google and get customers.

In 2010 Vania hired and brought on Andrew Broadbent, an SEO consultant, to add online marketing solutions for Vab Media’s clients. 

After several years of building a portfolio of successful client projects, the effectiveness of Vab Media’s approach became more widely known and the company expanded. Vania managed to develop the agency without taking any loans or outside investment. In 2011, Vab Media moved its headquarters to NextSpace coworking in Santa Cruz. Seeking a different energy to that of the beach town, the company rebranded in New York City in 2017 as VAB Media Digital Agency, LLC, while working out of Impact Hub New York.


Vania Benavides

Founder, Digital Marketing Director

Vania was always interested in web technology because she saw it as the future of work. However, seeking a purpose to solve humanity’s health issues, she studied biology at USF Tampa.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Biology, she went on to seek work at the birthplace of biotechnology, South San Francisco, and ultimately found work at Genentech.

When Facebook & Twitter started getting popular, Vania started learning to program in HTML, CSS, & PHP. She slowly started to change her career after moving out of the San Francisco Bay Area to Santa Cruz. She began to build her own blog about environmentally friendly ways to live life. Since she had been introduced to other companies at Nextspace Coworking in Santa Cruz, she started to work with others and began to develop a client base.

Using social media for business was something she understood from the start and this helped to develop the additional services that she would provide to clients. She learned and focused on the effectiveness of internet marketing, conversion rate optimization, website bounce rate, User experience.

Based on some of these practices, she created marketing strategies for clients that identified very specific audience segments and the value offered to this audience through a clear advertising message, both on corporate websites and on social media platforms. Vania was involved in the local community teaching internet marketing workshops and participating in hackathons.

Vania directs every creative project,  from design to content strategy.  She researches target markets for every project we take on and develops a structure, design, video concept, or social media strategy, accordingly. She is also the first point of contact with each client.  She is not just a marketer, she also has coding and technical development skills that give her a huge advantage when it comes to understanding the nuances of how coding languages and search engines work.

Each client is unique and Vania always takes into account the client’s personal preferences and works to implement the client’s personality into their online presence.  She is known for having a top expertise in all disciplines, plus a strategic approach that links them together. From basic PPC, to analytics, to eCommerce, to in-depth content strategy.

andrew-broadbent vab media digital agency
Co-founder, Director of Search Marketing

Andrew Broadbent

Andrew Broadbent consults VC-backed startup businesses with Internet marketing guidance. A known growth specialist, aiding companies with the expansion of their branding, visibility, and customer experiences online through a variety of strategies.  

 In May 2012, a reporter from Los Angeles Times, David Lazarus interviewed Andrew Broadbent about whether or not people could really make money from YouTube’s Partner Program. A few months later a reporter from ABC News, Alan Farnham, followed up with interviewing their video optimization expert, Andrew Broadbent on an article titled “YouTube Making More People Rich.”
He also specializes in identifying and capturing profitable niches across a wide variety of subject matters. Generally helping companies ‘ring the cash register‘ online.

Andrew leads our data-driven SEO team providing strategy, overseeing processes, providing training and testing the latest SEO strategies to improve conversion and revenue for all of our clients. He also holds an individual Google certification in Google Analytics. he is very good at researching current industry events to help his clients gain an edge over their competition. He also delivers search optimized content writing and keyword analysis to increase site traffic, and increase sales. 

He has been interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, LA Times and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. He is a contributor to Buzzsumo, Practical eCommerce, EconsultancyStartup Grind, and Google for Education.  

Recently was a featured panelist, speaker at Millennial 2020 event. Contact him at 510-909-7386 or andrew@vabulous.com  

We are an advertising marketingweb design partner for the long run

Our value goes beyond the scope of design projects or marketing campaigns.  First and foremost, we operate as digital technology advisors to our clients providing strategic design support before, during, and after a project campaign is completed.    

Our agency is able to offer a full range of creative marketing solutions. From website design and logo design to content marketing strategies that take into account search engine optimization standards and social media marketing strategies to PPC campaigns, we tailor our services to address your marketing needs. 

staci wilkes director

Staci Wilkes

VP of Data Analytics Strategist

Tyler Curtis Youtube community manager and video editor

Tyler Curtis

Video Editor and Youtube Community Specialist

amy andersen

Mary Andersen

Social Media Marketing & Communications

Aalisha Vasani

Aalisha Vasani

Manrketing Intern Associate

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 10.33.17 AM

Savannah Messam

Digital Marketing Associate



Sniff Strategist & Bone Specialist

"I've had the pleasure of working with Vab Media on multiple initiatives, including a wide range of Google Ads, SEO for existing product pages, and creating brand new, beautiful, and SEO friendly landing pages on our website. It's been great seeing our organic search rankings increase, seeing how much our website has improved both aesthetically and for SEO, and the sales that come as a result of these efforts. Thank you Vab Media. " 

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Run advertising campaigns with speed, scale and certainty. We help you architect data-driven marketing and media campaigns, activate those campaigns across multiple platforms and automate with AI to drive resource efficiency. NYC performance Ad agency.

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