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VAB Media PPC Management Services

New York business owners, here’s your chance to increase relevant traffic and impressions to your brand and website through targeted paid search advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) (Also known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Advertising, Online Advertising can help you find customers and keep you top of mind.

Provide online paid media advertising solutions for lead generation, eCommerce, display, and worldwide businesses.

Increase Return on Investment, & revenue while reducing marketing cost cost per acquisition

Get your company in front of the right customer, in the right place, at the right time, and on the right device.

Get those visitors back and drive them toward the intended goal


Capitalize on existing demand for your companies products or services. Pay for only relevant traffic and clicks, control it by geography, time of day, certain keywords or retarget and bring back the people that have already visited your site by serving them personalized display ads across devices, the web, and social media networks.

Vab Media Digital Agency, PPC strategist’s will help you manage every aspect of your ad campaign (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing, Mobile Ads, Facebook, YouTube), from keyword research/selection, creating the ads, landing page development, testing, and reporting.      

  • DTC eCommerce

    63% Sales Increase

    We Helped Online Shopify Store Studio Abachar Increase Online Sales Thru Paid Ads by 63 percent in a 90 Day Period.  

    63% Sales Increase
  • B2B eCommerce

    15% Lower CPAs

    gCreate gMax printers hired Vab Media to create landing pages and setup Google Display shopping & help manage their advertising campaigns.


    15% Lower CPAs
    "After trying to manage and navigate online marketing campaigns on my one I quickly realized I needed help. VAB media were able to get all of my media outlets working together seamlessly and run effective campaigns targeting the very specific markets I needed to reach. Customer service is great and they are an absolute pleasure to work with"
    Amadeo Bachar
    Artist & Owner at Studio Abachar

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    Are you stuck in neutral with your SEM efforts? Still haven't figured out how to break out of a maddening PPC plateau?


    Millions of metrics, bundles of data, endless possibilities for experimenting — PPC is the ultimate arena of mathematical marketing.

    We drive growth for our clients using paid social, and paid search campaigns, using a unique blend of data and automation tools. Through PPC management services we can help your New York business get more leads and sales with effective PPC advertising.

    "I would like to introduce our SEO & PPC consultants, Vania & Andrew. They’ve done wonderful and amazing SEO work for Croissant. I’m confident they can increase your traffic and web presence"
    Zoltan Zsalas
    Croissant Coworking Cofounder

    Partners & Marketing Tools We Use


    When imagination and innovation come together, anything is possible

    With a multidisciplinary skillset across our in house design team, we have the ability to tackle design projects ranging from logo design to social content to full site rebrands and paid ad campaign creative graphics. Our focus is creating relevant content that influences a digitally-centric world. 70% of campaign performance is driven by creative. That’s why we bring a creative lens to everything we do.

    From Facebook & Google Ads to custom landing pages, we help you discover the highest return on investment you’ve ever had.


    Planning and Competitive Research

    A top-performing digital campaign requires a structured plan for success. At Vab Media Digital Agency we look beyond CTRs and CPCs to understand the metrics that matter most for your business. Part of a good plan will factor in the following ingredients as a minimum: 

    Let's talk about what Vab Media Digital Agency can do for your business.

    The Perfect Creative Mix

    When we say we are driven by performance, we mean it: we continuously test creative and tactics to make sure that we’re deploying the perfect assets to get the results that mean the most to your business. 

    Keyword Research

    Choosing relevant and profitable keywords to bid on is a daunting task, especially when you bid on millions of them. At Vab Media Digital Agency we constantly test out which keywords are working at the same time as searching for new opportunities.  

    Our keyword generation process springs from the campaign planning stage when we investigate which keywords will bring the most profit to your business.

    Your customers are more than just search terms.
    Have questions? We are there for you

    We help small business, startups and eCommerce brands grow faster and convert better through paid advertising

    Rich Media & Dynamic Advertising

    Our sophisticated content targeting and rich imagery create tailored and relevant ads. While text ads sell with words, and display ads sell with pictures, rich media ads offer more ways to involve an audience with an ad. The ad can expand, float, etc. 

    You can access aggregated metrics on your audience’s behavior, including number of expansions, multiple exits, and video completions to get granular data on the success of your campaign. No matter how you want to engage with your audience, we provide interactive content through video, audio, and other elements that elicit strong user responses.

    Improve Acquisition and
    Conversion Flows

    The method of introducing changes to a user experience also allows the experience to be optimized for a desired outcome, and can make crucial steps in a marketing campaign more effective.  A/B testing gives you the power to test your idea like a science experiment.

    By testing ad copy, we can learn which version attracts more clicks. By testing the subsequent landing page, we can learn which layout converts visitors to customers best. In order to achieve that goal, we would try A/B testing changes to the headline, visual imagery, form fields, call to action, and overall layout of the page.  The overall spend on a marketing campaign can actually be decreased if the elements of each step work as efficiently as possible to acquire new customers.


    Focusing On Customers & Achieving Audacious Results

    Croissant Coworking knew they needed a partner that could align their digital marketing efforts with their business objectives and drive new monthly subscription trial signup leads

    Reporting & Communication Tailored Exactly How You Want It

    Analyze With Accuracy

    We test and analyze using real-time data to see what parts of your PPC marketing campaigns are working and make informed decisions to improve performance

    Share Insights Across Your Team

    Drill into performance data with multi-channel tracking and insights. We make adjustments to ensure that we are helping you deliver quality experiences that are engaging to your targeted audience

    "Vab Media recently ran a paid advertising campaign on Google for my business and they redesigned the landing page and I was able to close a $14,000 deck remodeling project, from their efforts, the ROI from the campaign paid off immensely, I highly recommend them."
    Paul Broadbent
    Broadbent Construction

    Paid search captures demand that’s driven from other channels and can push consumers to action at the end of their path to conversion.

    AI is changing search engine results and listings

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