Case Study

Designed a Brand Identity and Website for YPO's Leadership Development Toolkit member learning portal

Why YPO partnered with VAB Media to design an online learning website platform to host leadership and business-related multi-media content topics for their CEO members.

YPO is an is well known and respected American-based worldwide leadership community of chief executives (CEOs) with more than 34,000 global members in more than 142 countries. YPO’s members are extraordinary leaders who have achieved significant leadership success at a young age. All are the top chief executive in their business or organization and all meet specific global criteria to join YPO. YPO has many internal teams, and they have an internal networking website that is private and only accessible to its 34,000 members. They have a lot of multimedia content, videos, podcasts, and articles that are there to help their members learn.

YPO was working on building a platform that could be a content hub for its members to easily navigate and dive into several topics and categories. 

Our client Asha Saxena, who is an YPO board member recommended that we submit an RFP proposal to YPO to work with them and develop this new online learning resource platform for YPO members. 

After being selected for the project and initially meeting with Vab Media leadership, Jeff Short, and Kerry Lee Durant, who are YPO network program managers engaged our team to build out a professional CMS directory website for YPO’s Leadership Development Toolkit initiative. 

A site for CEOs to connect globally around leadership, company culture, business topics, interests and industries that provide engaging and educational content in multiple formats to become better leaders.  Vab Media Digital Agency was thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate and work with such an esteemed organization.

In our first couple of meetings, they shared with us several resources for the project, which included YPO’s branding style and standards guidelines, which include both visual and verbal identities. They also shared several spreadsheets that included all of the digital assets, articles, videos, and audio files (podcasts) that were going to be categorized and formatted into the site. 

We discussed the website’s design and identified a few ways to solidify the Leadership Development Toolkit’s value proposition in users’ minds—and create a more user friendly, connected experience for the members: by breaking down content into categories, elevating exploration, and providing a home base.

In order to support the visual brand narrative and messaging Identity, for this YPO development project, we choose to design the website using WordPress CMS, because we still feel like it is has the best taxonomy framework. We used an advanced drag-and-drop editor tool, Elementor Pro, (that has 300+ Designer Made Templates, mobile responsive editing, animation features and 90+ widgets) to set up columns, buttons, and other design elements that would allow us to highlight and break up the content in a user-friendly way. 

We approached this as we do with other website redesign projects, by adding search-optimized headings, and high-quality image assets, and presenting the content in more readable formats that make sense to site visitors,  We are grateful for getting to collaborate with Jeff and Kerry, who took charge of managing the project, and was providing content edits, and timely feedback.   

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand, and the size of future business opportunities. 

YPO's Business Goals

  • Develop a website that has a content management system that would be easy for their team to update.
  • The site must be secure using enterprise-grade hosting.
  • The content needs to be categorized within its pillars and topics
  • Use YPO’s brand identity guidelines to have it stay true to their core values and mission
  • Needs to have a clean look and be easy for members to navigate and find the content they are looking for foster
  • Foster deeper conversations, and drive innovation with an inclusive-first look and feel
  • Design custom templates for different types of content posts 

What We Did

Our team developed a search-optimized mobile responsive website (built in WordPress cms) that is unique, modern and designed to help YPO members grow their skills, live their passions, and make a positive impact on the world.  Our goal was to create a brand and digital experience that entices visitors to discover and engage and learn. 

Delegation Organization Structure Developing Talent Governance Personal Leadership Conflict Putting Value To Work
Delegation Organization Structure Developing Talent Governance Personal Leadership Conflict Putting Value To Work

"I recommended Vab Media for this project because of their dual expertise in UX design and web development to help the YPO Network Program create a site that was useful for our members and complemented the YPO brand experience"

tablet device
phone device
0 x Member Engagement
The member feedback from using the site has been great
After just three months,
YPO Network Program has seen a 4x increase in engagement.

We explored several new content formats that support YPO’s core value prop—high quality, in-depth thought leadership—and carefully layered in other relevant content.

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