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Redesigning a new digital presence for a 30 yr old Santa Cruz home services brand

Vab Media Digital Agency has working with Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows since our agency’s beginning days in Santa Cruz, we have helped them with design, content and SEO solutions. Most recently they asked to give their site a new brand refresh, simplify and streamline the content and service offerings so that it easier for customers to navigate and get a estimate.  

Airtight Vinyl Siding & Windows is family owned and operated construction services company that has been in business for over 30 years.

Originally way back in 2013, Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows owners Renee and James Sampson came to us wanting to improve their web presence. We were able to provide them with a search-optimized website, which began ranking on the first page for a couple of keyword searches, soon after it went live. We optimized their website for Local SEO so that they can show up in Santa Cruz for Vinyl Siding or Window Installation Services at the top of the first page. We set them up with a google local page. When they moved locations we were able to change business locations so that the correct one showed up. In this last redesign, we also optimized a few of their portfolio projects so that they can be found in areas surrounding the city of Santa Cruz. 

The last design update we did for them was back in 2016, and their business and service offerings had changed since then and Renee reached out to us that wanted to update the look and simplify the content, to make it easier for potential customers to use the site and understand what services they offer.  We always suggest to clients that every few years they should update the look of their website or give it a little brand refresh.  

And since we have experience helping local businesses in variety of industries to develop responsive modern websites, designed to build brand awareness and increase their web presence, we were up for the challenge.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, it was time for a fresh, new look for Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows.

Some of the challenges going into this redesign was related to streamlining the content on each page, cutting out unnecessary or old pages and completely getting rid of the old blog articles that were written years ago. 

Airtight is a well known windows, siding contractor organization within Santa Cruz county.

Through research and exploration, we discovered an ecosystem of hidden value. We wanted the new design to highlight the relationship that Airtight’s customers have with the owner James Sampson, (which they have many rave reviews on Yelp) and to showcase dozens of new projects that they have completed so that potential new clients can see their craftmanship and process. 

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to define their service offerings, and discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, graphic design elements, brand positioning, and ways to enhance their presence on Google my business. The first meeting with Renee we discussed the redesign, and she told us that they were no longer offering deck services, and that they had some ideas about the new website’s page hierarchy. Since we have an office in California, Andrew decided to take a drive down to Santa Cruz and visit their showroom.  In order to support the new brand Identity, for Airtight Vinyl Siding and Window we used the same WordPress CMS but we designed the new site using an advanced drag and drop editor called Elementor pro, (that has 300+ Designer Made Templates, mobile responsive editing, animation features and 90+ widgets) to set up columns, buttons, and other design elements that would allow us to highlight and break up the content in a user friendly way. 

we approached this as we do with other website redesign projects, by adding search optimized headings, simplifying breaking up the content into more readable formats ( shorter paragraphs, bullet lists etc) that make sense to site visitors,  We are grateful that the office manager Renee, took charge of managing the project and was providing content edits, and timely feedback.   

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities. 

Airtight's Business Goals

  • Modernize the website including making it mobile-friendly
  • Make the content easier to read
  • Remove the decking service and design the 3 windows, doors and siding service pages in layout that helps customers get the information they need to take action on the website
  • Redirect the old blog articles to relevant services pages since they were not updating or writing new posts
  • They wanted update the look and feel of the brand 
  • Find a way to highlight their extensive satisfied client reviews and showcase their projects to inform new potential customers about the quality of their construction services

What We Did

Our team developed a search optimized mobile responsive website that is unique, modern and designed to help visitors make informed decisions and take action. All aspects of the brand were reimagined, from the design layout to digital assets to photography and fonts.  

I've been working with Vab Media 2014. Their services are outstanding and is a key asset to our company. Their design is clean, and easy to navigate. As the internet continuously changes Vab Media keeps me up-to-date. I highly recommend Vab media"”

Create content that shows expertise and knowledge
of the subject matter to drive rankings and leads

In 2022 and beyond any effective marketing campaign, whether it utilizes SEO or Facebook Ads, requires strong content as a foundation.

We collaborated with Renee to develop new updated strategic content that would show and reflect James Sampson and Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows expertise in home windows, siding and door replacement services industry and optimized their services pages to increase search rankings, build brand awareness and attract top-of-funnel visitors looking for quality residential contractor. Their website is now ranking in 2nd position on first page of Google’s organic local results for “siding contractors in santa cruz“, “Window replacement contractors in santa cruz” to name a few.  Check out the website here.

Since the Redesigned Website launched Their Traffic has nearly doubled

Also branded searches of users looking for “Airtight Windows” specifically is up by 20% since the site went live in June 2022.  

Increased Online Conversions to 3.2% for Residential Renovation Leads

Since we redesigned all of the service pages that include Windows, Doors and Siding solutions, Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows is now converting customers online and some of forms having a 3% conversion rate. The new pages are helping to educate new customers on what their windows, siding and door replacement capabilities are and why they are a reputable Santa Cruz county home services business. 

By creating a new digital experience and brand identity that positions them as a different type of home services contractor, and gives them the flexibility to keep changing into the future 🚀



leveraged audience-intent and signals from search data, and created contextually relevant content that boosted their site’s pages search engine relevancy and engagement with intended users for brand and non-brand ROI-driving keyword terms.


We created a modern mobile responsive site designed to showcase their brand and delight their clients. This digital transformation will drive more revenue and awareness for the brand for years to come.


Since the launched the new website the conversions (calls, visits, and get a quote contact form requests have increased by over 15%. Content marketing and SEO can drive real results for a business.

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