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Why Tedx Santa Cruz partnered Vab Media to help with their social storytelling needs

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Why Tedx Santa Cruz partnered Vab Media to help with their social storytelling needs

The TEDxSantaCruz is an independent TEDx event founded in 2011 by David Warren, a retired Cabrillo College Professor. This initiative is independently organized by a group of entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, and educators called the TEDxSantaCruz Leadership Team. The curator and organizers of these past events have been led by Nada Miljkovic and Irene Tsouprake.   

And since our marketing firm, VAB Media Digital Agency had been working on other community web projects with Nada Miljkovic who had previously brought on Vania to do social media marketing for the 2014 TEDxSantaCruz.

VAB Media was founded in Santa Cruz, and we still, to this day, have connections and roots to many business owners, creatives, and artists in the community. 

They wanted to improve their website in 2015, add videos from each event, with filters for people to search by event and speaker. They wanted to update the design to make it more modern, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and easy for anyone to integrate new content for each new event that would happen in the future.

TEDx Santa Cruz collaborated with Vab Media digital Agency on several occasions to develop content that would rank and attract their target audience and promote events. 

Then in 2019, Nada Miljkovic wanted to restart the event and called on VAB Media again to manage social media and social media advertising, update the website with new event and speaker information, videos, and sponsor information.

TedX santa Cruz's Business Goals

  • Have a place where people could watch TEDxSantaCruz’s speeches. Where the community could sign up to volunteer, speak, or sponsor.
  • Update the website design to include videos, video search filters and usability.
  • Provide regular website maintenance.
  • To provide social media strategy, management, advertising, and live posts to increase tickets sales for the Art of Hope  2019 Tedx event
social media strategy tedx

What We Did

So we worked with the Tedx Santa Cruz team, (which included Mary Andersen, Mariah Stockmon Tanner and Nada and others) to come up with a social media strategy to build awareness, provide teaser videos and ultimately sell tickets for the Art of Hope Ted talk event. 

"I’ve worked with Vab Media since 2009 and recommend them wholeheartedly. They are my go-to company for web design, social media and digital marketing. It is always a pleasure working with these fine folks. All our projects have been on-time and within budget."

Wikipedia Page Creation and Knowledge Graph Optimization

To leverage the credibility of Ted Talks, we carefully created a Wikipedia page for Tedx Santa Cruz, which must be carefully done to have it published and pass reviews from other Wikipedia editors. Our experts have experience and we carefully wrote it an historical fact-based unbiased tone including in credible citations. When you Google “Tedx Santa Cruz” their presence is enhanced on Google as a knowledge graph entity.  if you want to learn more about our online management services click below. 

tedx santa cruz knowledge graph

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