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Our approach to web design is data-driven. We’ll create designs that are built for high conversions from the get go, but we need the freedom and space to do our job correctly.


seo-web-design-optimization-services-process-vab-mediaSEO Web Design Tips for Designing, SEO Friendly Websites!

strategy-phaseTechnology and the internet have changed everything in our lives, in regards to business, shopping, and finding information instantaneously. People have gotten used to technology and now rely and expect the convenience of being able to find just about anything they want or need online.  Whether the business is driving leads to an actual store location or the sale or conversion happens through the website itself, online commerce is happening all the time; just look at websites like Amazon.

So how does a business join in and take advantage of all this? The best way is to build a website that incorporates search engine optimization best practices and techniques while keeping in mind your site’s usability, target audience, and your business niche.

Google originally launched the first Panda Update, back in 2011, since then things have changed so much that now it is more important than ever to make sure you have a professionally designed website that has easy navigation for visitors and appealing looks.  Your search engine optimization efforts are only as good as the limits of your website platform.

Our SEO friendly web design services create sites that are appealing to both users and search engines. We make the right adjustments so the search engines can easily index your website, and our web designers make sure your website is aesthetically appealing and converts traffic into sales.  We title your images and pages, while we are building your website, with SEO friendly titles and tags.

Companies need to look at every page as a ‘landing page’.  And they need to ask themselves these questions:

  1. What visitors are arriving at this page actually looking for?
  2. What problem are they facing and how can we help them?
  3. How can we deliver an experience they’ve been looking for everywhere else?

Here some aspects to think about when building a website or redesigning one for your business.

Brand and Logo Development:

Leveraging a superior brand promotes attention, loyalty and profits. Our specialists will increase your brand equity by ensuring it is positioned appropriately, distinguished from your competition, and memorable. View samples of our brand and logo design.

User-Interface (UI) & Usability Design:

User Experience design
SEO-friendly Web design must also be user-friendly. Our  information architecture process, which is part of user experience design (UX) will help you determine the objectives you would like your customers to reach on your site. Mockups, also called wireframes or low fidelity designs, are a big time saver for any project. They allow us to hash out the details of the page layout and interaction design before moving into high fidelity designs and development. Prototypes help our developers to flesh out design ideas, test assumptions, and gather real-time feedback from users. 

Then, we evaluate your site from their point of view, analyzing what your clients would like to see, what goals they come to your site to accomplish. We strive for balance, putting your objectives into the site while keeping in mind the type of framework the customer is expecting. We provide in-depth recommendations, both in terms of structure and technique, and implement the best calls-to-action to guide customers to site objectives. 

Search-friendly Web Design:site-speed-matters

Vab Media’s experienced SEO Web Design Professionals understand both design and how the search engines work. They specialize in search engine friendly Web design strategies that look beautiful and help sites rank well in the search engines. View examples of our search friendly web design in our portfolio.


In addition to using HTML for coding your website, there are other options that you can use for building your site.  Some popular ones are PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Flash, they all have their pros and cons. Which one is the best?  It depends on either the kind of business you operate and/or your website’s audience. All development work is done to the latest W3C Standards and using latest technologies when applicable such as HTML5 and CSS3.  Vab Media can code, build and deploy superior, cutting-edge websites integrating the best methodologies, which include usability, compatibility, and search engine optimization.

conversion-optimized-webdesignConversion Rate Optimization                                            Conversion-Rate-Optimization-Services

We help increase the percentage of your website visitors that turn into sales.

  • We help make your website’s pages more relevant to your visitors.
  • We increase customer trust by using and improving on-page elements.
  • We can add more calls-to-action to encourage and persuade the visitor to become your next client.


We Work With Results Driven Companies and Create Websites Their Users Love


Stay focused on the metrics that matter. We work with you to define the key metrics for your business and start driving changes to increase those numbers.


Brainstorm and start developing hypotheses to test. Everything is worth testing because even the smallest changes can have a big impact.


We help you iterate new ideas quickly and release everything as a test. Our results will show whether we are heading in the right direction on marketing or design changes.


Content Management Systems:

There are a lot of content management systems (CMS) out there, but many of them are overly complicated and require a certain level of technical expertise. However, there are a select few that focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, but still give the designer flexibility in templating features and customization. CMS can help you:

  • Keep your website well organized and comprehensive
  • Reduce your site’s maintenance costs
  • Increase your data security

CMS (WordPress) Setup and Training:

WordPress is one of our favorite content management frameworks. We can help you get started with the WordPress’s open source publishing platform for your website or blog. WordPress focuses on aesthetics, Web standards, and usability. It allows design flexibility and creates the best possible user experience in a search-friendly manner. Once you get started, you can quickly and easily add new content to keep people and search engines coming back often. With a community that builds and deploys user friendly plugins regularly, WordPress does not fall short of features.

CMS (Drupal) Setup and Training:

Drupal is one of the best and most widely used used CMS applications. It is ideal for creating large corporate websites or intranets, online magazines, film festival websites, community based portals. It is easy to customize, has built-in search tool and search-engine friendly URL’s as an extra module, discussion capabilities and news aggregator.

ECommerce (Shopping Cart) Implementation:

Customers expect you to offer a secure and reliable system to conduct business.  Effectively executing a complex eCommerce implementation project takes skill, especially when meeting deadlines means achieving maximum profit.  We can help you add or upgrade your shopping cart to deliver highly-secure, deeply trackable, and convenient transactions.
ECommerce implementation reduces your business overheads while simultaneously making your marketplace larger.  So you get a two sided advantage of saving more and also earning more.

Content Development/Copywriting:

A content marketing strategy is extremely important when you are creating a website. By creating new and unique content, you can optimizecontent -writing your site for the search engines and give your customers something worth reading. Adding keywords to your content is an important search engine optimization component for each page that you submit to the search engines for crawling. So where should you add them and how, and how will it affect your design?  We also conduct extensive by ripping apart your industry vertical to find high-value ranking opportunities and popular content ideas that data proves your website has a chance to beat.    Then we give your brand a content strategy battle plan prioritized by achievable ROI.

Our writers can produce professional, unique content that delivers a clear and an optimized marketing message.

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Website Maintenance:

We will help you systematically upgrade and enhance your website’s functionality, design and content over time to steadily improve key performance indicators. To achieve and maintain high rankings, it is important to keep your website interesting, fresh and in working order. Vab Media can help monitor your search rankings and keep an eye out on your competitors and continue to optimized your site.

Web Design Methodology Chart

From architecture to building a design
to ongoing optimization and maintenance,
effective web design is a process.
This flow chart breaks down
the steps of web design,
aligning them with SEO and
PPC advertising objectives.

Download the Web Design Methodology Chart in PDF.

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