They say that first impressions last.  The first impression most people
have of your business is your logo.

      • We design logos that speak to your audience and communicate your
        Company values.
      • Your logo should build trust and be memorable.
      • A well-designed logo can take you to the next level as a company.
      • Our logos are hand crafted to deliver your brand’s message.
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Define and distinguish your company with a professional branding and logo design.

Vab Media Digital Agency’s creative team located in New York City takes ideas and then sculpts them into a visual concept that will be unique and timeless to brand your company.

A well designed logo, much like a well designed website can often make or break how people view your company’s business.  It will show that you invested time, energy and capital into creating a business that will provide a high quality effort into whatever products or services you could assist them with.

Flexibility–  a well thought logo will translate well over a variety of marketing mediums. Your logo must look eye catching on a website, but it should also stand out when you hand your business card out, and if it is seen on a truck or embroidered on a company sweatshirt.  So making sure that it looks professional on all types of mediums (digital and offline) is important for advertising and branding purposes.

Colors–  research studies have shown that people make a subconscious judgement about a brand or product in less than 90 seconds, and many people base a majority of their opinion on what color it is. So understanding the type of industry you are in, and your customers connections to certain colors, could significantly increase the effectiveness of your company’s branding and messaging.

Informative– a well designed logo should give your customers an idea of what your company does, stands for or what you can do for them.

Memorable– a good logo will stand out the first time someone sees it. Combining great design and marketing will increase familiarity and reinforce trust amongst your consumers over time.

Uniqueness– you may be starting a brand new business or just deciding to totally revamp and rebrand your old one.  Try to avoid trendy typefaces or generic visuals icons. Using font styles that are timeless will work better in the long run as some styles go in and out of fashion.     

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Our Logo Design Process

Our logo design process ensures that your company’s logo is sure to impress potential

customers while strengthening your bottom line.  


Each design is different.  We take on each logo design project very uniquely and then execute and deliver a product that our clients love, after a brainstorming analysis of your company’s ideas and plans.   Logo design can be explained as putting the message or thoughts of a corporation into a symbol of recognition.   We wireframe initial logo design concepts to you, and then depending on your budget, we go through a number of revisions until the final copy is finished.  Vab Media Digital Agency’s reputation is built on pride and the value of our work, so that we make sure your company’s logo becomes a true representative of your leader’s vision.

  • Have your business stand out amongst your competition and be remembered by consumers,  with a professional graphic designer creating a logo for you.
  • Vab Media Digital Agency shapes companies into brand identities.

We live in a digital age, your website and logo is often the first impression people will have of your company.  

Christian Broadbent, one of our graphic designers has been producing illustrations and logo designs for many years. See more of his illustrations here.  We work around your budget.

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