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How we helped agent Joe Melillo build his brand with a stunning, best-in-class real estate website

Why Guiseppe (Joe) Melillo, a Coldwell Banker Realty agent approached Vab Media Digital Agency to design and build a professional high-conversion, custom IDX search integrated mobile responsive website platform for his real estate agency. 

Giuseppe (Joe) Melillo is a licensed real estate salesperson with Coldwell Banker Realty, that works out of the New Canaan, CT and the Katonah, NY brokerage offices. and he contacted Vab Media Digital Agency during the pandemic explaining that he wanted us to build him a unique, clean, and powerful website that had IDX home search tools, lead capture, reporting dashboards that he could have complete control and ownership of.

And since we have experience with real estate marketing and developing beautiful real estate websites, that are designed to build brand awareness and increased web presence for realtor agents, we were up for the challenge.

Some of the challenges is that the Real estate industry is very competitive and is hyper-local.  

Purchasing a home is often one of the most significant investments a person will make in their lifetime. And yet for most people, the idea of “home” runs far deeper than just dollars and cents – or an online price estimate. One of the main goals was to dig deeper into the real value of owning a home – on a more human level and convey the benefits, in the ad copy messaging. And on the flip side selling a home can be an emotional experience especially if you lived there awhile and had fond memories. 

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to define his service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, graphic design elements, brand positioning, and ways to enhance his presence on Google as local real estate sales person that has deep ties to his communities that serves and provides expert guidance to his clients.   He explained that previously he had been paying for real estate CRM service that hosted a site for him but he really wanted a website that both looked modern and professional and had an IDX home search integration that he could pull in and show current MLS home listings from his communities that people could browse and contact him for more information. 

We did some research on IDX systems and decided to build the new site on the WordPress Content management System, using an advanced drag and drop editor called Elementor pro, (that has 300+ Designer Made Templates, mobile responsive editing, animation features and 90+ widgets) to set up columns, buttons, and other design elements that would allow us to highlight and break up the content in a user friendly way.  

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities. 

Melillo Real Estate's Business Goals

  • To design an logo and develop a super fast loading, beautiful, and mobile responsive website to represent his real estate brand. 
  • He wanted an IDX tool that has a clean looking  design, cutting-edge search features, can pull in inventory listings from his MLS feed and have lead capture functionalities.
  • To incorporate fresh search optimized, industry-relevant content that will help to rank for relevant keyword phrases related to his real estate markets 
  • To highlight and showcase his past client reviews and pull them in from Zillow and other 3rd party platforms
melillo real estate homepage web design project

"Andrew and Vania are absolutely fantastic to work with. They guided me through the process of creating a terrific website I couldn’t be happier with. Thank you so much for your inspiration, creatively, and hard work. I high them recommend to anyone who is in search of highly innovative and cutting edge digital media.."

Create content that shows expertise and knowledge of the subject matter to drive rankings and leads

In 2021 and beyond any effective marketing campaign, whether it utilizes SEO or Facebook Ads, requires strong content as a foundation.

We developed strategic content that would show and reflect Guiseppe’s expertise and thought leadership which would be published on his blog to increase search rankings, build brand awareness and attract top-of-funnel visitors looking for real estate help. Check out the website Melillo Real Estate here. 


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