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Get sustainable growth. For us, SEO is about revenue before rankings, and we’ve delivered top-to-bottom SEO services for a decade. 

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Make it easy for your customers to find your products or services online.

Our Clients often see a 4.5x ROI from Investing in SEO

Did you launch a website, but don’t know how to get visitors? When searching for the products or services you offer, does your web listing come up on the first page? Does your content explain your services and products well? How will people find out about you? Are you looking for a reputable SEO agency in New York?

Leverage search engines and individual websites to help others find your products or services.

Our Process



The first step is the Discovery Phase, which entails communicating with us your vision, mission, business model, niche, competitor analysis, clients you would like to target and your goals.


Our team will then compile all this information, segment it into appropriate topics categories that we will use to develop a strategy and build a sitemap on your website. We’ll then conduct competitor and keyword research to optimize pages as well as provide ideas for content that would help address currents trends in your market as well as information that would address questions your clients have and other guides.

On Site Optimization

We would then develop each page that we have optimized as a landing page (On-page SEO) that would be able to capture some sort of information, such as a request for more information or a white paper, or even to visit more pages on the website. More page-views improves the time spend on your site, and Google sees that as relevant, so then your website is viewed as a search result that is relevant to that key phrase that the user is typing in, and will ultimately allow your pages to move up in the rankings.

Content Marketing

We ​write content that works for you in a number of ways. Content is the foundation of your every communication. We track progress and continue improving your content, search engine visibility, and conversions. We use Google Analytics to track submissions and funnels on the website. We use social networks to share your content. We look for more optimization  opportunities based on the data acquired from Google Analytics in our Analysis and Reporting phase.

Every single SEO campaign is different; there is no

“magic tool“ for fast SEO rankings

Vab Media’s SEO Process

Maximize your website’s visibility and performance through advanced technical SEO strategies, authoritative link building and SEM marketing strategies.

Acquire more traffic

Keyword research finds and uncovers valuable commercial intent search items​

SEO Optimization

Website architecture and content are optimized to increase rankings​

Rank Higher

Internal and external link building are performed to help build domain trust​s​

Track Rankings

Google Analytics and other tools are use to measure (ROI) results achieved​

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75% of web traffic originates
from search engines

When we create a website, we feel that it’s not just important to make things work and look good. We feel it’s also important to structure it so that search engines can find them more easily. By using search engine optimization techniques, building high quality links, your products or services will be found more easily by people searching for the products or services you provide.

I've been working with Vab Media 2014. Their services are outstanding and is a key asset to our company. Their design is clean, and easy to navigate. As the internet continuously changes Vab Media keeps me up-to-date. I highly recommend Vab media"”

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We’ve helped great brands reach new heights.


Local SEO Services Matter for small business

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that is hand-crafted for local businesses looking to increase their visibility in search engines, reach more customers, and of course — earn revenue. 

Similar to traditional SEO, local SEO services focus on boosting your business listings in online map-pack search results.

When potential customers search for businesses or services your company offers like yours in their area, you want to appear at the top of results. Local SEO services can ensure that your customers find you locally, and that you’re always top of mind when customers are in your neighborhood.

Paid Search & SEO

We are passionate about developing new and innovative solutions for our clients, continuously adapting and growing accounts under management. We help brands to combine Paid Search Marketing solutions with organic SEO services by creating customized Omni-channel acquisition campaigns to provide an optimal buyer experience and maximize traffic and revenue for your business.  

‘Position 0’ search result
featured snippet seo
Winning featured snippets increases clicks

Optimize your content to rank for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are short snippets of text that appear at the top of Google’s search results in order to quickly answer a searcher’s query. Featured Snippets impact SEO in two ways.

Winning a Featured Snippet creates an  opportunity to get more clicks from the organic search results. 

The Power of Long Tail Keyword Targeting for SEO

The longer (and more specific) your search terms are, the easier it is to rank for the term. Long Tail Keywords: are phrases that generally have at least 3 to 5 words in the search query. A long tail phrase could be something like “Restaurant accounting in New York City” or “Deck building contractors Greenwich ct” These phrases may get less searches, but the intent is much clearer and more likely to convert.  

We recommend that startups and small businesses should target lower competition long tail keyword phrases that have a decent amount of search volume or popularity. 


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