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SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing a website’s relevance and visibility to the search engines through the natural or organic search results. Each search engine has it’s own unique ranking system or computer algorithm that determines the ranking and relevance of each website. Search engine algorithms place sites that contain the most relevant, trustworthy information (not-spam) at the top of the search results page, where everyone looks first.

Google has changed what a search results page looks like, depending on the search phrase and the context of the query, they can show images, featured snippets, knowledge graph results, video results, PPC ads and local results.

We assist brands and companies with a variety of tactics, including Content Marketing, Technical SEO Audits link buildinglocal SEOVideo Search Optimization, Paid Ads and Image Optimization.

Vab media’s job as SEO experts is to take what we know of these constantly updated algorithms and strategically build your website’s relevance.  By doing this we help major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo understand that your website has what people want and belongs at the top of the search results page. Search engine optimization provides the highest long-term return on investment of all online marketing methods. 

Vab Media’s SEO team embraces a multidisciplinary approach to ensure high visibility of client digital properties. We seek to maximize exposure in Google as its algorithm evolves, increase visibility in secondary search engines, and also in the emerging class of voice-activated and text-activated agents. We embrace a user-centric approach to SEO: by understanding users and their search patterns, we can ensure user needs are met by prominent exposure to relevant brand content.

Write content
that ranks.

We use powerful storytelling and narratives
to put clients at the center of cultural storms.

We use data, content and innovation to drive meaningful connections between people and brands.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters and we’ll help you succeed through three core components: relevancy, authority and technical optimization.


A winning SEO strategy combines technical SEO optimization, content optimization, and authority building optimization


Research & Discovery 

In order to deliver the perfect solution – one that meets your specific goals – we need to really understand your website and business, as well as your SEO and social requirements.   keyword research is one of the most crucial starting point’s of your SEO process. Done thoroughly and you’ll be able to spot some of your greatest opportunities and routes to success. Before we can delve into the tactics you need to implement to meet your business goals, we need to understand everything about what you’re trying to achieve, your current marketing efforts, and your customers.  Questions we may ask; Where do discovered keywords fit into the user’s journey? Are they of high, medium or low intent?


Organic SEO

Organic Search is the biggest driver of direct traffic to websites, Conductor, an enterprise web presence management platform did a study of over 310 million visits to 30 different websites showed that organic search accounted for 64% of all referral traffic.  Understanding where the majority of your website’s traffic is coming from, is arguably the most important piece of information that a brand or chief marketing executive can have in budgeting, headcount or marketing strategy decisions. Improving organic search has implications on not only paid search but now direct even if it is just a tracking measure.


technical-seo-audit                                                                               Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a big part of what we do. Before your startup or brand starts investing in any marketing channels or campaigns,  it’s important to ensure that your website is technically geared toward SEO best practice. Let us help you do that. Our On-page technical SEO audits will identify any critical issues that may be currently hindering search engines being able to effectively crawl, understand and index the pages and content of your website.  get-audit



Content Optimization

keyword research and SEO is about understanding the words and phrases people use to find things online, and optimizing digital content in such a way that it meets those queries in prominent locations in search.   Your content is viewed by both people and search engines. Content optimization is the process of creating and implementing content on web pages to maximize your website’s chances of showing up in search for related queries.   It’s not just a question of ensuring a top keyword is included multiple times on a page, but making sure that other synonyms, semantically related words, phrases or ‘proof terms‘ are included to optimize for query-based searches. Especially important for e-Commerce sites, specific content such as product reviews, product descriptions and specific instructional content must be accompanied with a specific meta-data code that identifies exactly what your specific content is about, and what attributes it may contain. Implementing other types of schema and microdata can help search engines to have a better understanding of your web page’s information, which can increase rankings and higher click-through rates.

We’re masters of helping brands be discovered. We see search as an important part of the consumer journey and a data-rich capability that can help inform and power a more effective marketing ecosystem. We are building a future where search is intimately connected with, and informed by, all the channels we manage. Andrew Broadbent Director of Search marketing


When you sign up for our expert SEO Services,  you will receive:

      • Consultation – Vab Media will meet with you (in person, Hangout, Skype, phone call, email) to ensure we understand your business, your products and services, and your target market.
      • Website Analysis – We evaluate your site structure, page meta-data, content, keyword density, and other factors critical to SEO success.
      • Keyword Research – We assess the competitiveness of the keywords related to your business offerings and your (competitors) and develop a cost-effective strategy to target search phrases that will bring business to your door.
      • Road map Creation – Your SEO team will meet and create a detailed roadmap outlining activities to be completed over the coming months.
      • Execution – We complete the tasks in the road map and work with you to get necessary changes to your site implemented.

web-presence-ctaThis is just an overview of the process that we do for all of our clients. To learn more, contact us.  (917) 4096866   


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