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mobileConsumer journeys are becoming increasingly complex.  As digital touchpoints, channels, and choices continue to expand, consumer journeys have become ever messier, resembling a chaotic scavenger hunt.  Mobile is changing the way people engage with businesses. We help brands reach their customers on the devices they use most by identifying mobile audiences, delivering mobile-optimized content, and leveraging a strategic mix of social platforms, websites, and apps. Vab Media Digital Agency takes a mobile-first web development strategy since you might be reading this page on your phone or tablet right now!

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According to Statista, “The mobile users are forecasted to grow to 5.07 billion across the globe by 2019.”  

According to Google’s data, they found that 92 percent of smartphone owners in the US seek local (offline) information while shopping with their Droid / iPhone and that 73 percent of those people took some form of action after searching the web.

Since we first created this page many algorithm changes have happened. In September 2013, Google launched a very important algorithm change called Hummingbird Update  Depending on which study you read, the percentage of searches taking place on mobile devices could be 50% or higher. Attention New York local start-up and business owners!  

Has your website been designed with mobile compatibility? Is it ready for the estimated 2 out every 4 smartphone internet searches in 2019? 

 Consumers increasingly rely on the mobile web to research and make purchases, which makes it more important than ever for companies to have an effective mobile presence.


Google also discovered that mobile search drives valuable outcomes for business,  73% percent of mobile searches trigger additional actions and conversions. The study also illustrated consumers’ increasing reliance on smartphones as research tools that influence buying behavior in stores and online.”

Google also found that smartphone owners are avid YouTube and video watchers as well as savvy social networks; visiting networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin others.  

However, the most powerful data show how people are using smartphones to help search and research competitor’s prices while inside a store before going buy a product.   The data show’s that nearly 100 percent of smartphone owners search the internet at least once a week. Beyond this Google said that 25 percent of people in the US made a purchase after a local lookup. In the US, 51 percent called a business and 48 percent actually went to the business location.   You can find a lot more of the data from this Mobile search study,  

  1. More than 2 billion people will use mobile devices as their primary internet access point.

  2. There will be 10 days where >50% of trending search terms will be on mobile

  3. Mobile’s role in driving people into stores will be proven and it will blow us awaymobile

  4. “Mobile driven spend” will emerge as a big category

  5. Smartphones will prove exceptional at driving a new consumer behavior

  6. Tablets will take their place as the 4th screen

  7. New industry standards will make a mobile display easy to run

  8. 5 new, mobile first companies will reach the Angry Birds level of success

  9. The ROI on mobile and tablet advertising will increase as a result of the unmatched relevance of proximity

  10. The intersection of mobile and social will spark a dramatic new form of engaging consumers

  11. 80% of the largest 2,000 websites globally will have an HTML5 site

  12. One million small businesses globally will build a mobile website

69of all visitors will leave a mobile site
if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.       

Utilizing our deep experience in responsive web design, with an eye for speed and performance, we built this website. Our team of developers and designers has advanced knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.


UX and Responsive Web Design

In a mobile-first, human-first world, user experience is everything. Search engines prize seamless, responsive web design across all device types, and our graphics team ideates, creates and consults on branding, wireframes and mockups so you rank higher in SERPs and best serve site visitors.

Optimized web copy, enhanced site speed and user-friendly functionality turn your site into an interactive digital lab that serves customers.


On April 21st, 2015, Google rolled out their mobile algorithm update, which will favor websites that are built in a responsive web designed layout.  Now, as of November 4th, 2016, Google has announced they’re rolling out a Mobile first indexing. As the number of smartphones on the market increases and become less expensive and more advanced each year, more and more people will upgrade. The number of searches performed on mobile devices will also keep skyrocketing, and at Vab media, we will help you optimize for all those mobile customers. Mobile search is a growing opportunity for businesses, you simply have to know how to reach these potential customers in a clear, easy to understand why.  With the Hummingbird algorithm allowing people to ask longer searches in form of questions, especially with voice search devices like Siri, start to optimize your website with anticipating questions and answers to reinforce trust and decision making. 

mobile search

Get Your Mobile Site Up to Speedmobile-speed

When website visitors lose patience, you lose business.  1 out of 2 visitors expect your mobile site to load within a couple of seconds.

Today, people have high expectations for mobile experiences. Simply loading on a mobile device is no longer enough. To keep people engaged, mobile sites must be fast and relevant. Slow loading sites frustrate users and negatively impact revenue for businesses. Responsive design and quality hosting can solve a lot of these loading speed issues.   

There are Different Markets and Different Methods of Optimization

When a customer searches the web on their smartphone, chances are they have a very different mindset than someone behind a computer screen.  Mobile SEO needs to target a set of keywords with this in mind. While most of the same Search Engine Optimization principles apply to the mobile Internet, there are some different tactics and strategies that can be very beneficial to your company. When a potential customer is outside, not near their computer, they use their cell phone to do a mobile search for places to eat or looking for a product.


They often have very different needs than someone at home, so they may be searching for different versions of the keywords. The demographics of your mobile customers may be completely different than your normal website traffic. At Vab Media we can take all this into account and provide the perfect mobile solution for your company’s website.

 Designing websites for mobile conversions is going to be crucial as more people consuming content on their smartphones will increasingly demand mobile websites that are quick and easy to use. The easier you make things for people coming to your site will increase the likelihood of converting them into your customers.

Give us a call at 831-205-0164 or click on this link to request a quote on mobile website development or mobile SEO services.  Our Responsive Design approach uses a server-side optimization to tailor the experience, significantly improving performance across all devices. 

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