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Why the founders of Bookkeeping Chef choose to partner Vab Media Digital Agency to help design and launch their brand and website to capture the niche market of restaurant back-office bookkeeping solutions. Read more to learn how we scaled this startup to dominate with search rankings and bring in consistent qualified lead conversions.  
bookkeeping chef seo and content case study

Scott Aber, owner of Aber CPA and William lee the owner of Probooks Online came to us in 2017 because they saw a need and demand to create a new cloud-based bookkeeping software startup called Bookkeeping Chef, to help restaurants manage financial data more efficiently.

They wanted us to design a professional mobile first responsively designed website that was simple and easy to use. They also hired Vab Media Digital Agency to craft a fully integrated online marketing campaign that would meet their paid search, organic search, and integrated strategy needs.     

Some of the challenges for this project included how competitive the restaurant accounting industry practice is in the New York City area, with dozens of firms both large and small — to finding the right strategy that would help the startup to ba able compete and be found as well as standout. Another challenge is that the accounting and tax industry rules change all the time–especially since the 2017 tax reform so its it was important to stay up to date.  

The Vab Media team was up for the challenge and sought the expertise of Jaclyn Sorese, who had deep financial services and accounting industry expertise (having worked in finance roles at GE Asset Management and Amex) to assist in branding and content strategy and development. Vab Media Digital Agency prides itself on matching niche clients with writers and strategists who have experience marketing in those verticals. Not just being familiar with the common buzzwords but actually offering unique insights to other veterans and professionals who’ve spent decades enmeshed in their respective fields. We have been working with accounting firms for the past 8 years and it’s one of our strongest industries. 

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to figure out the company’s logo and brand identity, what are the service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, graphic design elements, brand positioning, and ways to enhance the it’s presence on Google as a expert restaurant bookkeeping firm. 

We brought in a professional UX designer, Kathleen Kralowec, who came up with a simplified layout user interface for the homepage and major service offering pages that was deigned to increase conversions.  

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities. 

Bookeeping Chef's Business Goals

  • Build a platform that would function and look good on all device platforms. 
  • Increase brand awareness in a fragmented and very competitive landscape.
  • Increase organic performance overall, targeting search phrases related restaurant accounting services in NYC.
  • Develop trust and authority for the business and drive new leads and increase sales.
  • Fully and seamlessly integrate all their products and services into their digital marketing.   

What We Did

We decided to build a custom mobile responsive designed WordPress site because they were on a tight deadline and a startup’s budget to launch this product. Working in the WordPress framework makes it easy to build a template and customize it with feature rich functions.  We chose to build in responsive design, because it uses dynamic layouts, engaging images and adaptive code to adjust the user experience based on the users’ screen size and orientation. 

We researched a lot of the major accounting software competitors to better understand the client’s buyer persona needs and value proposition that would make Bookkeeping Chef stand out.

During the development phase, we defined the information architecture pathways that would help their users become informed and convert into leads. Through our team’s involvement and a drive towards simplicity, we cut through the clutter and focused on building a site that would help achieve their business goals.  We were committed to planning and building customized experiences utilizing responsive design to effectively connect with Chef’s audience on any device. 

Bookkeeping chef mobile homepage

" We contacted Vab Media to design and help launch the Bookkeeping Chef website. Since they have delivered results for our other websites. It started ranking on Google soon after launch. We immediately noticed the increase in calls. There is so much helpful information on our new website, that it helps those browsing decide to buy.

Ranking For Google’s Coveted Featured Snippets

Featured snippets aka (position 0) have radically changed the SEO game because they allow for Google users to answer their query faster, even without having to click on a link at all. That’s actually their intended purpose; from Google’s perspective, connecting users with answers to search queries in as few clicks as possible helps improve their customer experience.   

The website’s traffic has shot up by 200% after ranking for 2 different featured snippet search queries.      

Restaurant P&L

Website Analytics Traffic Performance


Over a 16 month period we researched and developed almost 40 blog articles about a variety of topics related bookkeeping and accounting trends, tips and issues.  Which are still performing 3 years later very well in terms of search rankings, traffic and high quality leads. We helped to position the brand as a complete end-to-end outsourced back-office solution for the restaurant and hospitality industry.   When we analyzed the traffic we realized that about 80% or the monthly traffic was coming in from search queries related to “restaurant profit & loss statements”, “key restaurant profitability metrics” and “restaurant industry benchmarks” and “controlling your restaurant prime cost.”

Top Performing Landing Pages

Restaurant CPA NYC

Local SEO Services Matter for small business

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that is hand-crafted for local businesses looking to increase their visibility in search engines, reach more customers, and of course — earn revenue.

Similar to traditional SEO, local SEO services focus on boosting your business listings in online map-pack search results.

Thanks largely to Vab Media’s efforts, Bookkeeping Chef’s now at the forefront of search visibility when people search for several long tail restaurant accounting, tax, bookkeeping and financial related phrases.

AI is changing search engine results and listings

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