The thought of “Googling” one’s own name or company can sometimes instill a bit of anxiety.


Many of us aren’t quite sure what we’ll find. In a worst-case scenario, damaging text or photos appear right up top in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines. Oh, the shame- and the profit loss!

Now imagine a best-case scenario: a search for your name, your company, or your product quickly yields flattering photos, reviews, links to articles, blog posts, testimonials from satisfied clients.  At the same time, any negative material is crowded out by the favorable information planted or highlighted by your reputation management firm. In that age of the Internet, that’s the security that online reputation management can offer.

Vab Media is able to resolve your PR issues both online and offline.  We help companies deal with bad reviews and help hide those reviews from first page results.  The last thing any company wants is to have a bad review show up on the first page.  Any unhappy customer, partner or press can easily and significantly impact your online reputation with the publication of a blog post, review, or article. Online-Reputation-Management

One of our clients recently had a bad review, and though it was resolved by the company, the bad review still showed up on the first page when someone would search for the company name.  Even though the blogger had written an update that stated the dispute had been resolved, the bad review was still showing up on the front page.  Our solutions were to ask that blogger to paste the new comment about  the dispute being a resolved case on the negative blog. We even got him to give an inbound link back to our client’s website.

The next step was to build additional credible and relevant links to help bury that post.

Negative comments on facebook, twitter, or blog posts can be resolved as well.  Just because there is negative feedback, does not mean people won’t be open to doing business with you.  If you settle the dispute immediately and learn about the PR as soon as it happens, then you have more control over how fast or severe it spreads. This is another advantage of social media, the idea is to monitor this type of user press.

Does your company have any important announcements that are a newsworthy press release?


prWe can help you get picked up by Google News, Google Finance, Google Blogs, Yahoo News, Bing and several other outlets including NY Times, Mashable.

Vab Media Digital Agency can help write an announcement about your company – a new product launch, current promotion, a new office location, or a business merger – whatever. We can help distribute your release to every major news site and search engine on the Web, and can put you in front of potential customers and journalists.  Contact us for a quote and more information.    


“Vab Media has been Featured in”  press

Are you an innovative and disruptive businesses with complex story that needs to be explained?

Clients rely on using Paid Marketing Campaigns and reaching the media to broadcast stories to their audiences, but at the same time, they want to take control of their own message, tell their own stories on their terms, and form a direct relationship with new customers. Every company is unique – and your digital marketing strategy should be too. At Vab Media Digital Agency,  we design a custom growth plan based on your company’s singular potential. We look wide at the broader landscape, and then go deep into your media, strategy, and innovation channels

We rise early, we work late. We pull ideas from media, art, technology, music, or wherever else we find them. We hurl each one at your problem, and, eventually, one of them sticks. We plan a campaign around that survivor, polish it up real nice and bring it to you in a shiny deck. Clients that have worked with us for years may call us tenacious and smart.

But really, we just don’t know when to give up.

Vab Media Digital Agency’s approach to digital marketing and generating press is blending of using old-school PR media tactics (audience-relevant stories and angles, smart writing, expert thought leadership contributions, valuable PR agency and journalist relations), woven together with the new SEO and creative content strategies (branded online media platforms, original content, inbound lead generation, social media) to create rich, strategic, multifaceted external communications campaigns to build authority, awareness, sales for clients.



      Wikipedia Page Creation and Optimization


Google loves Wikipedia and as such ranks it high in search results. Wikipedia is also the first place people go when they Google your name. By leveraging Wikipedia, you can help control your brand and present yourself to the world.

Wikipedia pages frequently show up next to branded ads for a branded search. They draw marketing traffic and should be optimized for such. Notable brands, products, or individuals without Wikipedia pages are missing a chance to gain credibility from inclusion on a trusted, neutral external platform.

Moreover, we have found most existing Wikipedia pages to be poorly written, outdated, lacking prominent features, and inclusion of potentially damaging news clipping with no context or re-framing.

Our Wikipedia team has over 5 years of experience optimizing, maintaining, and creating Wikipedia pages. We’ve navigated Wikipedia rules and standards.  We also work with the Wikipedia community on behalf of our clients.



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