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Eric Steiner, Chief Operations Officer for Coworkrs’s, (which is now rebranded to be Bond Collective) came to Vab Media, Digital Agency in August, 2015 because the NYC co-working and commercial office space leasing industry is very competitive (Regus, We Work and other boutique coworking spaces) and they were opening up new office locations in Gowanus, Brooklyn and Fidi. They wanted to strengthen their organic search presence and consumer engagement, develop a website architecture framework that was easy for users to navigate and drive more highly qualified traffic to fill out the “book a tour form” to sell more dedicated desks and private office space memberships. Our first phase in the SEO campaign process was an in-depth planning and discovery phase in which Vab Media researched commercial office rental space industry trends and the specific needs and goals of Coworkrs’s.

When we first started working with them, they did not come up in search results for hardly any un-branded keyword phrases related to “coworking spaces”.  A previous web design company had built their website in a cumbersome platform called Modx, which is not SEO friendly or easy to add and modify pages.    Vab Media helps companies gain increased online exposure and rankings, but we also help startups and enterprise clients to improve conversions and revenue.

Vab Media, Digital Agency  was able to accomplish all of these goals with a slight website redesign, local SEO, and a search engine optimization campaign.  As you can see from the first screenshot, Coworkrs’s monthly completed goal conversions went from only 2 to 61 after the first month of working with us.


Shared collaborative workspace New York


Coworking Space NYC


Coworking Space Fidi


Brooklyn Coworking


After less than 4 months of working with Coworkrs’s paid media and PR efforts to boost more traffic and qualified lead conversions to their “Become a Member” book a tour form landing page, we helped them increase the website’s total goal completions to 222 during (November 27 to December 27), of which organic search (77) was the biggest driver of conversions.


Millennials are their Target Consumer


Normally we don’t like to promise clients this kind of ROI, since most organic SEO campaigns usually take 6 to 12 months to show significant results.  By studying the data and traffic numbers, we had concluded, that local search delivers visitors who rent at a higher rate than paid search visitors. So we implemented a local search strategy with each co-working location community manager to implement a review strategy to boost the ranking and trust of each location Google Local listing. We visited and studied some of their biggest competitors, such as We Work to understand what the larger corporations were doing as far as ad copy, design, calls to action, landing pages etc.  We also built authoritative backlinks using guest posting strategies on sites like Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Grind, which not only has a high trust and domain authority, but it also has their target demographic of Millennial entrepreneurs and startup founders readership.  Bottom line, we increased their rankings across a variety of relevant keyword phrases and increased their monthly completed goal conversions from 2 to 77 which is a 3750% increase.  

  • Lowered the bounce rate from 36.51% to 3.28%
  • Increased the website’s conversion rate to 4.86%    
  • Increased monthly book a tour form sign-up goal conversions by 3750%         

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