Why Huckabee CPA has partnered Vab Media Digital Agency for the past 5 years to enhance their web design and Search optimized thought leadership content development needs

The CFO consulting, accounting and tax advisory Huckabee CPA located in San Diego has been partnering with Vab Media Digital Agency for the past 5 years for their web design, search optimized thought leadership content development and qualified lead generation needs. The owner and founder of Huckabee CPA, Tom Huckabee was introduced to us through a referral and when we first started with him, we designed and launch a rebranding of his website including a new 2-D (flat) logo and built out a full content strategy that helped to reignite relevance and affinity for his financial services accounting firm.  He was looking for a marketing agency firm that had writing and marketing experience with his industry and could collaborate and could act as an outsourced CMO to his firm to develop authoritative thought leadership content and bring new qualified leads that he could pick and choose from.  

Some of the challenges included how competitive the tax and accounting firm industry is in the La Jolla and San Diego area, with dozens of firms both large and small — to and finding the right strategy that help him compete and be found as well as standout. Another challenge is that the accounting and tax industry rules change all the time–especially since the 2017 tax reform so its stuff to stay up to date with everything.  The Vab Media team was up for the challenge and sought the expertise of Jaclyn Sorese, who had deep financial services and accounting industry expertise (having worked in finance roles at GE Asset Management and Amex) to assist in branding and content strategy and development. Vab Media Digital Agency prides itself on matching niche clients with writers and strategists who have experience marketing in those verticals. Not just being familiar with the common buzzwords but actually offering unique insights to other veterans and professionals who’ve spent decades enmeshed in their respective fields. We have been working with accounting firms for the past 7 years and it’s one of our strongest industries. 

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to redefine his service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, graphic design elements, brand positioning, and ways to enhance his presence on Google as veteran expert in cash flow optimization, tax savings and outsourced CFO services.  

We developed a layout in which we would showcase the services he wanted to come up for and used a couple of colors that were similar to the logo, and others as highlight elements. 

We used a drag and drop interface tool called WP Bakery, to set up columns, buttons, and other design elements that would allow us to highlight and break up the content.

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities.     

Huckabee CPA’s Business Goals:   

  • To rebrand the company as a strategic professional services consulting firm offering startups and medium sized high companies with outsourced, controller, revenue technical accounting solutions. 
  • To do a brand refresh which included brainstorming a new logo that was designed by Lugao Kasberg in the flat design style.
  • To develop strategic content that would show and reflect Tom’s expertise and thought leadership which would be published on his blog
  • Increase search rankings, build brand awareness and attract top-of-funnel visitors looking for accounting and tax help
  • Use services such as Haro to get him interviewed by journalists for money saving and  accounting related subjects to help build his brand
  • To redesign an outdated wordpress website that would include fresh search optimized, industry-relevant content that was meant to rank for relevant keyword phrases 

         WHAT WE DID 

We redesigned his website to improve the way it looked, so that there was an improved user experience on the home page to highlight his services, a login for clients, an ebook, his certifications, and his unique value to clients.

We delivered a content focused rebranding strategy that would showcase Tom Huckabee as a leader in financial consulting for the accounting industry. We did this by developing content relevant to those looking for accounting and financial business guidance. We sought publication guest posting opportunities. We also started doing keyword research to understand what the pain points, problems and intent behind searches related business advisory, risk management, cfo consulting, accounting and current tax issues that small and medium sized companies face. 

We researched large and small competitors in order to develop relevant content that could be used to rank and increase Huckabee CPA’s search rankings related to the company’s strategic capabilities and industry solutions. 

We also created a custom ebook for highlighting certain “call to action” sections such as on the homepage that is the color yellow. 


cta sectionThought Leadership Content Marketing   

Informative, interesting blogging produces dynamic results. Much appreciate the qualified prospects., Have just started work with a company ($20K per speech to Fortune 500 companies and management consulting). He interviewed and chose me only, citing my first line ranking on his Google search.  The latest example of your agency’s fine work!” 

Tom Huckabee of Huckabee CPA  

Throughout the last 5 years Huckabee CPA has partnered with Vab Media Digital Agency to come up with strategic plan to develop content that was accurate, informative and would lead to a targeted audience who would end up wanting to contact them for tax and accounting services.  They also explained to us what were types services that would be high value to rank on Google for as far as potential leads go. 

Outsourced CFO Consulting San Diego 

Working Capital Optimization Services  

Accounting for startups and small business

Cohan Rule

Rent a CFO

rent cfo
La Jolla Small Business CPA

Interviewed and Featured on BOF Community Article

Increased Search traffic

Qualified Lead Generation




We have partnered with Huckabee CPA over the last 5 years to build out a robust content marketing strategy to increase long tail search organic rankings, as well as adding value with strategic link building on relevant websites.



Using our refreshed visual styles and UI components to more accurately reflect Huckabee CPA’s CFO advisory, tax and accounting services and their expertise



Our content marketing and SEO efforts helped to him to land public speaking spots at real estate conferences

Huckabee CPA was able to establish authority with a whole new audience of small business and startup clients while engaging their existing customers with new and valuable information that creates contagious brand loyalty. Thanks largely to Vab Media’s efforts, Huckabee CPA is now at the forefront of search visibility when people search for several long tail financial, tax and accounting related phrases.

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