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For nearly the past two decades Protech8 gloves has been a market share leader of developing cutting edge fire protection gloves for a variety of uses including structural fires, wild land fire fighting and first responders situations. 

Pro-Tech 8 gloves manufacturers Tech Trade, LLC wanted to publicize to their firefighter customer base that they had come out with a brand new firefighter glove called TPRG  that featured new materials and the latest NFPA certification, that serves to protect the firefighter’s hands from extreme heat, chemicals, and other toxins that firefighters would be exposed to. They were planning on running a 4 month long paid digital advertising campaign that would run on respected fire industry publications such as Fire Engineering & Firefighter Nation, to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness for new products. They were looking a NYC digital agency that had the capabilities to bring in fresh ideas, professional graphic design, tag line ad copywriting and video photoshoot story telling. Vab Media Digital Agency was up for the challenge and was thrilled to help tell their brand’s digital stories. 

Pro-Tech 8’s Business Goals: superhero-tech-vertical-half-page-banner-1

  • Display in a graphic way with compelling content the technology of the gloves on firefighter publications  
  • To increase followers on social networks: facebook and instagram   
  • To drive traffic to their website and to their booth at the national conference for firefighters: FDIC 2019


Despite being experts in glove manufacturing and innovation, the fire protection gear industry is very competitive and they needed to find a way to reach their target audience of younger firefighters and fire department equipment purchasing decision makers. Their main goal was brand recognition (because although people know the gloves, they don’t know the company) since they do not sell directly to consumers, because Fire Departments are able to make large scale purchases via their 85 worldwide distributors, so this campaign was more focused on brand lift and brand awareness compared to increasing direct sales. Another important performance goal of the ad campaign was to raise awareness of this new glove product named Protech-8 TPR-Gold, which has several layers of fabric, such as knuckle guard, kevlar, nomax, silicon carbide and kevlar layer, and leather. Our campaign research started with looking at some of their competitors such as Dragon Fire, Shelby and HoneyWell to see how they were describing their products. We also started doing keyword research to understand what the pain points, problems and intent behind searches related researching and purchasing firegloves. We found out that a common issue or problem with firefighters and their protective gloves is the compromise or tradeoff between having to sacrifice “glove dexterity vs thermal protection.”  And we used this research to brainstorm ad copy, tagline, slogans to show that their new product solved this issue.  


Working with our graphic design team we created a series of banner ads in two different formats 6 concepts (design + idea/copy), 6 designs total over a 3 month period.  

Here were a few other ads themes we created for publishing.   

We created a landing page for the ads from Firefighter nation. Here are the stats: 


On their social media accounts, we had great engagement when we posted photos of the products and the technology behind the products. 

They partnered with Firefighter Nation’s facebook account and we created a 30-second video that served as a facebook ad with the owner speaking about the innovation of the gloves. You can see the stats below.      


Later when we were able to take live-action video and photos of the firefighters while they were training, we used both video and photos in social media posts to continue to post about the brand. We also embraced the firefighter community by reposting content from firefighters wearing Pro-Tech 8 gloves, photos and videos from other instagram accounts, such as memes, videos and photos of fires. 

behind the scenes Protech8 gloves photoshoot

behind the scenes Protech8 gloves photoshoot

After the campaign ended, and after the FDIC event, we also created a couple of blog posts to help them with search engine optimization rankings. We wanted to help them create useful, educational content that was optimized to rank for unbranded longtail keyword search terms, such as “best structural firefighting gloves” or “types of firefighting gloves.”  Being able to help a fire protection manufacturer with content and search marketing strategies meant gaining a rapid understanding of their business first. We began by immersing ourselves in both the manufacturing and materials themselves, as well as collaborating with their in-house fire fighter and executive team to get their expert perspective, edits and review into the final articles before they were published.  We are excited to see that recently one of the articles won a “Featured Snippet” (aka “position 0”) which are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a special box layout.    


Google says featured snippets are important for the rise of mobile search and with voice-activated digital assistants. Google remarks: “in these cases, the traditional ’10 blue links’ format doesn’t work as well, making featured snippets an especially useful format.”  We have also noticed from other client work that when you win a snippet for a relevant search phrase, it can dramatically increased your clicks and conversions.  There was a 281% increase in organic clicks over the last 6 months compared to the previous period.  

search traffic increaseSocial Media Management
When the paid media campaign ended in April we pitched with continuing to manage their Protect 8 Gloves social media accounts with a specific focus on growing a number of performance metrics including such a likes, shares, mentions, reach, increased followers etc. Here is some of Protect 8 Gloves Social Media engagement Stats from 08/01/2019 – 10/29/2019. social engagementFrom the beginning of August to the end of October, the attached graph shows several metrics from followers to engagement to mentions, and other metrics that we will explain here. This is all organic growth, no paid or boosted. 

Average Reach Per Post: 5.5K

Their average reach per post has increased (5,495.3) compared to the previous period (3,489.2)

05/01/2019 – 08/01/2019 – Up 57.49%  

Total Mentions: 24 

Their number of mentions has increased (24) compared to the previous period (0)

05/01/2019 – 08/01/2019 – Up 100%  

Saves: 1.1k 

Their number of saves has increased (1,114) compared to the previous period (647)

05/01/2019 – 08/01/2019 Up 72.13% 

Likes Received: 11.2K

They have received more likes (11,173) compared to the previous period (7,031)

05/01/2019 – 08/01/2019 – Up 59% 

Profile Views: 1,668

Their number of profile views has increased (1,668) compared to the previous period (607)

05/01/2019 – 08/01/2019 – Up 174.79%







That was run on fire industry blogs to increase awareness for their latest fire glove product, we tested multiple creatives to see which performed best on CTR



Their average reach per post has increased (5,495.3) compared to the previous period (3,489.2)



5,030 unique organic visitors over the last 6 months, a 281% increase! The integrated SEO and paid search efforts ensured long-term online marketing success

A Transformation Story

The Brand Experienced Increases in Rankings, Traffic, Awareness and Engagement

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