Trüsound Audio: A Full Service Approach to E-commerce Design and Digital Marketing

Dennis Reagan, owner of Trüsound Audio came to Vab Media initially for SEO, but transformed into a full integrated, multi-channel digital marketing project.

Initially, we produced some content that could help him rank with other competitors, including: “Portable Outdoor Speakers Under 100” and “Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Technology Guide.” We also crafted copy for each color speaker to identify personalities to color. Thus, red for sporty and action oriented, purple for eclectic tastes, pink for sorority and feminine or LGBTQ social mixers.

In putting together this content, we started to develop personas for the customer targets. This helped us when setting up facebook ads, since most campaigns can be targeted toward particular tastes or interests.

Any ecommerce site that does not set up Google Product Listing Ads is missing out on a chunk of market. We knew from the start this had to be set up. Even thought this space was competitive, we were able to, after a few months, and after content marketing and search optimization tactics, we were able to get the speakers to show up more prominently on Google’s Shopping ads.

Social media campaign management was also a part of our work, especially when we launched the May-June Campaigns in 2016. We posted on twitter, instagram, and facebook, and pinterest. We also launched a post on a local Santa Cruz tech publication. Even though we don’t do PR, we like to get our customers some SEO PR juice, which was helpful during these campaigns.

Email marketing and ad remarketing were also set up for the campaigns during this period.

Custom Persona Content + SEO Marketing

We identified a few customer personas which we tied to the colors to create content. We created content that aligned with the type of personality that would align to each speaker color.


Google Adwords: Product Listing Ads + Text + Remarketing

Overall traffic from May vs June/July Shows Traffic spikes from social advertising & email campaigns

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