No matter the medium, our focus is the user journey

We utilize design thinking, coupled with a deep understanding of your KPIs and business initiatives in everything we do. Our goal is to dramatically increase the odds of success, ensuring our process is 100% aligned with your time and investment. 

Our Process

Are you searching for a trusted New York digital marketing agency that will help work with and consult your company providing effective recommendations you can trust to increase your revenue and give a positive return on investment from digital marketing and eCommerce strategies?    process

Change is the only constant.

pivot the business for growthDigital technology is disrupting corporations, and completely changing well established and age old business models in almost every industry.  Vab Media’s founder Vania Benavides comes from an extensive background in consumer branding, which gives us an innovative advantage in helping entrepreneurs and early stage startups to growth hack and adapt to new trends in technology and internet marketing.  Vab Media’s internet marketing consultants advise on specific marketing channels such as natural SEO and paid search or social media marketing or improving the conversion rate of your website’s landing pages. Vab Media also develops mobile and responsive-designed websites.  

Every one of our strategists has a keen understanding of traditional marketing practices as well as email, digital, social, and mobile platforms: combining multiple channel marketing and messaging efforts is vital for early stage and established brands to thrive in an online world.  


Our digital strategies are not one size fits all, they are custom tailored to each client needs and factors such as how competitive your industry vertical is and what kind of a brand are you. The most successful online marketing campaigns to use a variety of tools and will precisely blend, search engine optimization, content creation, social media marketing, paid search placement and more, to achieve your brand’s biggest goals.   

We start with collaborating with your team to identify and review business and revenue goals, refine your target buyer personas, and establish benchmarks and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track.      

Vab Media’s approach to digital marketing is bringing together your organization’s marketing and sales to create a fully optimized funnel that delivers, leads, users, customers and drives growth


Brand Awareness

The first tier of the sales funnel is the brand awareness and customer discovery stage, which takes a potential client from the initial prospect phase and turns them into a qualified marketing lead. Our inbound marketing solutions include – content marketing, PPC, social media, SEO, landing page design and more – which effectively attracts high quality traffic to your website and then converts that traffic into sales-ready leads.

Sales Conversion

The second tier of our conversion funnel focuses on converting those quality leads so your marketing team can turn them into happy customers. Our sales conversion strategies focus on creating campaigns to increase customer engagement and acquisition rates. . Our digital tools including creating – user friendly websites, email marketing, ad re-targeting, landing pages, compelling calls to action, white papers, lead nurturing programs and more. Each part is a key to delivering relevant content to move the buyer along the sales funnel to conversion.

Putting it All Together

The final step to growing your brand is to continuously bring back repeat visitors and customers. We use analytics to collect data at every stage of the funnel so we can show you exactly how your online marketing campaign is delivering tangible results. Our team of Digital Strategists analyze and optimize each step of the way ensuring that we are delivering customers with the highest ROI for the lowest cost of acquisition.