Dare 2B Digital Conference this week in Los Altos Hills

Dare 2B Digital, a conference produced by Invent your future Enterprises,  will be held at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills this weekend, Saturday, February 27.
The one day conference is geared toward young women in grades 7-10.  While the young women who attend will be able to select from a variety of workshops, inspirational speeches, and demonstrations; the parents will also benefit by attending discussions and workshops designed to help them support their daughter’s future endeavors in technology or engineering.

If I were younger and had an opportunity to go, these are just some of the workshops I would want to attend:

  1. Making your own Farmville Facebook Game
  2. Game and Story programming with Scratch
  3. Creating a video with the Flip hand-held camera
  4. Intro to programming using Python
  5. Social networks for companies
  6. Exploring Artificial Intelligence

While these workshops seem fun, they are also important in the sense that they create a supportive and open environment for girls to explore what the tech field has to offer.  With the information from the workshops, they may be more inclined to hone in on one particular subject, or get a sense of everything they could do with technology.  With training and support they may empower themselves to be  better than their male counterparts and become women leaders in tech and engineering.

A recent article on TechCrunch emphasizes the lack of women as primary owners of tech firms, exclusion of women in management teams within large companies like Apple, and male-dominated Venture Capital firms.

It’s important to support women in tech and entrepreneurship, as can be seen from the TechCrunch article.  That’s what I hope events like this accomplish.  By introducing more women to technology, it may be possible to bridge the large gap in women owned technology and engineering firms.

Therefore, if you have a daughter, whether you’re a dad or mom, take your daughter to get some exposure to tech.  Then continue to train, educate, and support them yourself, by using some of the information provided for the parents at the Dare 2B Digital Conference this weekend.

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