Baking and moderation

While baking with my friend, trying to come up with an awesome recipe to make a profit from, I asked her “If it was not necessary to gain nutrition from what you ate, would you eat sweets all day?”
“Hell yea, she said.”

But my friend runs and works out, so she enjoys sweets, but she also enjoys staying healthy. As long as we are not overloading on things, we could enjoy many things. Everything in moderation.

Given that I feel the need to constantly throw in an environmental concern, I want to stress the importance of all those things that could eliminate waste. For instance, wouldn’t it be better if we could just go and refill our bottles of soap, be it to wash dishes, clothes, or our bodies, with the bottles we already have? We could make it convenient, just drop off your bottle, let the person behind the counter know what you want, and when you’re finished shopping for everything else, you just go by and pick up your soaps.

Too many plastics being used and dumped. One major one is the reduction in water bottle movement. In fact, I went ahead and signed myself up for the filter for good pledge. Water is free! Let’s keep it that way and keep the bottles from the landfill! So if you can’t reuse, reduce, and recycle!

Filter For Good: Pledge to reduce bottled water waste.

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