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It’s been a busy past two months and I’m sorry to admit that I’ve completely abandoned my blog. Partly because I want to do a complete makeover and partly because I’ve just had project after project keeping me tied up.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Santa Cruz Film Festival Website. Along with Awake Media, Mike Xu and I developed this site using the Drupal Content Management System, which organizes data better than wordpress. Originally, we were supposed to connect the original HTML based site to the program descriptions and film schedule portion of the site that we were going to make, but ultimately that was not going to be a good idea. So we re-constructed the whole site, because the content that was on the old site was static anyway, so no loss to that. We actually improved the look, navigation, and anyone can update the content now, whereas before they couldn’t, and the layout was also poor, but I made it look clean with my CSS theming skills 😉
Anyway, check out the site: Santa Cruz Film Festival. There was no designer, so really I just did the best I could by using a color guide they gave us. We also got in free to every film and all the “happy hours” and parties.

Freelance Camp.
Based on the BarCamp style; an unconference, this “un-conference” is designed for freelancers to connect, collaborate, share information, and share success stories with other freelancers. I’m so glad I was called in to volunteer for this! The San Francisco Freelance Camp PRO is this Saturday and within a month the volunteers and organizers were able to sell all 100 tickets as well as bring together excellent sponsors and free schwag for the event. The next one is October 2 in Santa Cruz, so the project continues. I’ve blogged a couple of times on the site, mostly about the brown bag lunches that occur every Tuesday at Santa Cruz’ NextSpace Headquarters: How to Make the RIGHT Decision and “Don’t Let It Fester: How to Keep Disputes with Customers, Suppliers, and employees from sidetracking your business.”

Johnson Education Solutions.
I had already been working with Jessica Johnson, the founder of the non-profit: Empowerment Today tweeting and updating the facebook profile page, so Jessica hired me on to do social media for the for-profit part of her business as well. I was able to develop a good strategy based on targeting key decision makers in businesses, which we are targeting via the use of various social networks. I’ve also added some content to the site in the form of informational blogs: Families and Money, Corporate Responsibility as a measure of success, and Unmotivated employees may be financially stressed.

IP Society. Patrick Reilly, the Intellectual Property Lawyer that started the business hired me on briefly to promote the monthly events related to Intellectual Property for businesses. The beginning strategy is to use social media to promote the events, but Patrick is busy himself interviewing all kinds of entrepreneurs to share information about startups, law, and more.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Hate to put it all on one post, but as always, my site will come after all the projects. Stay tuned for a remodel.

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