New Drupal Site for IPSociety

Thanks to Margaret Rosas’ founder of  Quiddites, Mikhail Xu and I were able to develop a functionally and visually improved site for IP Society’s founder, Patrick Reilly, an Intellectual Property Lawyer.  He wanted a website that would allow him to share information in the form of documents and interviews, and an interface in which it would be easy to add content.  In collaboration, we created just that.

As you can see, in the before picture, blog posts, events, the “About Us” and “Corporate Sponsorship” information was all on the front page.  Web sites are not an online brochure, people aren’t going to know what to focus on when they get to your site.  If it looks crowded, people will just move on.  “White Space” is not only necessary in ads but also in sites.  Give people some room to breathe and don’t make the font so small that it can’t be read.

The resources or library of documents page formerly required a visitor to IP Society to download a .pdf file in order to gain access to the document.  No more.  Now when you click on a document in the Resources page, you can browse through it using Slideshare.  We uploaded all the documents and presentations to the slideshare site and set up a feed (RSS feed) so that when Patrick Reilly updates a document on slideshare, it will automatically become available to select from a customized drop down menu so that all Patrick has to do is enter the first few letters of the title of the document and is added to his blog entry or library, as opposed to him having to manually enter embed codes. See images below.

Resources Before and After

Create a blog entry and embed your social media without having to manually add the Embed Code.

Create Blog Entry and add resources from drop down selection

View Document Using Slideshare on the site, as opposed to downloading it.  This also allows you to use social media, where your document will become viral by allowing other people browsing Slideshare to find your documents and power point presentation slides.

View Document on page via SlideshareFinally, create a favicon, so people can see most or part of your logo where the URL code is usually found!

Favicon: Before/After

Produce more dynamic websites through integration of third-party tools, sleeker style, and seamless integration of media for the client.

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