Giving back

This week I’ve taken it upon myself to give back.  Why? Why not? We’re so lucky to be living in this land of opportunity.  We can help out other people in other countries, and many people like my family come here because of opportunity.

Anyway, this week I attended 100+ Women who care, a women’s organization that comes together every quarter to donate to a charity that’s chosen by the majority.  Three charities are announced and you’re supposed to pick one.  That is so hard to do! There’s so many people out there that need help: families that have kids with cancer, homeless, migrant workers, women in Africa.  Well, they finally chose one, but after speaking with one of the founder’s from Finding Sophia, I couldn’t help but contribute to that as well.

The other organization whose meeting I crashed was Dining For Women. Cari Class is an amazing lady and so empathetic.  She couldn’t help to cry when she was talking to us about the Boma Fund, which is the charity they chose for that month.  It’s called Dining for Women because every attendee brings a meal, which I forgot to do, (Thankfully there was enough) and donates money to a cause that helps women entrepreneurs in other countries.

I’ve read in a few places that helping women entrepreneurs ultimately empowers and feeds an entire community; and I believe it!

Finally, I have to mention my biggest client’s super awesome cause and campaign: Greenlight Apparel’s 100:1:1 Campaign.  Greenlight Apparel is an activist clothing brand with a mission to help eradicate child labor and human trafficking.  What an awesome cause! Social Entrepreneurships are the way to go. They do so much for the communities here and abroad. The 100:1:1 campaign means that every time Greenlight Apparel gets 100 Fans on Facebook, they will support one child for one year.  The details are still being worked out, but if it’s as easy as “liking” on fb, then why wouldn’t you?

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