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How we used SEO and content marketing to increase Coworkrs goals Conversion leads by 42%

Why the shared office space Coworkrs partnered with Vab Media Digital Agency to help manage a paid & organic marketing campaign to increase signups for three new office locations they launched in Brooklyn and FIDI.  

  Coworkrs, a much smaller shared office space community compared to Wework or industrious, has locations in Gowanus, Brooklyn, the Flatiron District, and back in 2015 had signed a 13 year 30,000 square foot lease in NYC’s Financial District (Fidi) at 55 Broadway.

The collaborative workspace space provider was looking for a marketing agency firm that had writing and marketing experience with the coworking industry and could collaborate and act as an outsourced CMO to their firm to develop authoritative thought leadership content  for different landing pages that could increase organic rankings and complement a paid media strategy and  bring in new qualified leads that they convert into paying members of the new locations they were launching.   

Eric Steiner, Chief Operations Officer for Coworkrs’s, (which is now rebranded to be Bond Collective) came to Vab Media, Digital Agency in August, 2015 because the NYC co-working and commercial office space leasing industry is very competitive (Regus, We Work and other boutique coworking spaces) and they were opening up new office locations in Gowanus, Brooklyn and Fidi.

They wanted to strengthen their organic search presence and consumer engagement, develop a website architecture framework that was easy for users to navigate and drive more highly qualified traffic to fill out the “book a tour form” to sell more dedicated desks and private office space memberships.

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to define their service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, brand positioning, and ways to enhance their presence on Google as flexible office space that is based on a sense of true community and collaboration amongst it’s members. Thru another previous connection I had the privilege of getting a meeting with Ben Kessler, Wework’s Director of Marketing, during which I learned about their marketing and customer acquisition and keyword targeting  strategies. Their employees “sell the why,” targeting mostly startup companies. We continued to do even more  market research, even speaking with a number of Wework’s former community managers to crystallize strategies to differentiate the space and make it an attractive place to get work done. They even discovered an opportunity in Wework’s Boston location, where the member tenant turnover rate is quite high there because people from Boston have a sense of pride and like to support smaller local coworking spaces over non-local corporate expansions. 

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities. 

Coworkrs's Business Goals

  • Create a marketing strategy that including content development, organic seo that would align with their paid media and PR campaign goals  
  • To increase the goal conversions of “book a tour” landing page forms to qualified potential member prospects.
  • To create landing page content that would rank on Google and increase traffic to their website
  • To Identify and develop competitive advantages to achieve industry-leading customer retention

What We Did

When we first started working with them, they did not come up in search results for hardly any un-branded keyword phrases related to “coworking spaces”.  A previous web design company had built their website in a cumbersome platform called Modx, which is not SEO friendly or easy to add and modify pages.    Vab Media helps companies gain increased online exposure and rankings, but we also help startups and enterprise clients to improve conversions and revenue.

Lowered the bounce rate & increased conversions

" Andrew and Vania of Vab Media digital agency has played a crucial role in helping Coworkrs dramatically improve our organic search engine positioning against much larger competitors like Regus and We Work, across a wide variety of relevant keyword phrases related coworking and commercial office space in NYC. I have found their insight into SEO to be extensive and reliable. They increased our goal conversions from 10 to 229 per month in less than 4 months of hiring them. Thanks to them, our internal staff has also increased their SEO proficiency.!”

Create content that shows expertise and knowledge of the subject matter to drive rankings and leads

We also built authoritative backlinks using guest posting strategies on sites like Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Grind, which not only has a high trust and domain authority, but it also has their target demographic of Millennial entrepreneurs and startup founders readership. 

Coworking Space Fidi

Organic search (77) was the biggest driver of conversions.

Shared collaborative workspace New York

Normally we don’t like to promise clients this kind of ROI, since most organic SEO campaigns usually take 6 to 12 months to show significant results.  By studying the data and traffic numbers, we had concluded, that local search delivers visitors who rent at a higher rate than paid search visitors. So we implemented a local search strategy with each co-working location community manager to implement a review strategy to boost the ranking and trust of each location Google Local listing. We visited and studied some of their biggest competitors, such as We Work to understand what the larger corporations were doing as far as ad copy, design, calls to action, landing pages etc. 

Bottom line, we increased their rankings across a variety of relevant keyword phrases and increased their monthly completed goal conversions from 2 to 77 which is a 3750% increase

AI is changing search engine results and listings

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