Case Study

Trüsound Audio: A Full Service Approach to E-commerce Design and Digital Marketing

Why Trusound Audio has partnered Vab Media Digital Agency to enhance their web design and Search optimized product pages content development needs. 

Dennis Reagan, owner of Trüsound Audio came to Vab Media Digital Agency initially for SEO, but it transformed into a full integrated, multi-channel digital marketing project. 

Trüsound Audio, a wireless bluetooth speaker startup brand was founded in late 2012 by entrepreneur Dennis Reagan, a Santa Cruz native who has been part of the electronics industry for over 35 years. Dennis became aware of the potential of wireless and bluetooth enabled speakers for mobile devices as a result of owning a large number of Verizon locations.

Although the market for portable speakers is currently competitive, Dennis saw an opportunity for developing and designing a portable speaker that was affordable–with a sleek design and high sound quality.

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to redefine his service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, graphic design elements, brand positioning, and ways to enhance Trusound Audio’s presence on Google as an affordable portable bluetooth speaker consumer product.    

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities. A year after we first started partnering with them Trusound Audio introduced a new wireless earbud product that they wanted to promote and sell.  

Trusound Audio's Business Goals

  • To build an eCommerce website that help showcase the 2nd generation T2 speaker and sell the portable bluetooth speaker units with good sound quality at under $100 price point
  • To help with writing persuasive content and branding to highlight the features that make this product unique while competing against huge consumer electronics companies
  • To manage and come up with paid advertising and email marketing campaigns based around certain events such as “back to School” or “fathers Day” that would great gift options
  • To help promote Trusound Audio’s latest wireless earbud product by testing influencer marketing partnerships and other campaigns

"Working with Vania and her team at Vab media has been a pleasure I’d reccomend her highly!"

Custom Persona Content + SEO Marketing

We identified a few customer personas which we tied to the colors to create content.

We created content that aligned with the type of personality that would align to each speaker color.

Wireless Bluetooth technology guide


Google Adwords: Product Listing Ads + Text + Remarketing

Overall traffic from May vs June/July Shows Traffic spikes from social advertising & email campaigns

Dads and Grads Summer BOGO Campaign

Refer a Friend and Save Loyalty program

We set up a loyalty and referral program and people were using it when they would get to the shopping cart and provide their friends email we increased the sales by 20% from that program. 

Thanks largely to Vab Media’s efforts, Trusound Audio was able to build niche and compete against and extremely competitive consumer electronics shopping category.  

AI is changing search engine results and listings

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