Responsible shopping in Portland, Oregon

Since I’m in Portland for the holidays, I wanted to buy myself a few things that would help me look a little more presentable for New Year’s Eve.  I wanted to say good-bye in style.  So I went shopping.  I forgot my foundation and other make-up at home, so I decided to go out and buy myself some powder, which I don’t own.  I left Urban Outfitters to wander around the Nob Hill district and came upon Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, a natural pharmacy, and decided to buy Zuzu luxe dual powder foundation, which happens to have organic ingredients and is vegan friendly.  Unlike the MAC foundation I have at home, it didn’t break my face out and did seem to absorb the oil on my face.

After we ate at a Mcmenamins, we left the boys at the bar to continue shopping.  But everything was closed.  The only shop open was Brooklyn Industries.  I bought an awesome and inexpensive pair of skinny jeans that fit great.  I was hoping that I had just shopped at a socially and environmentally responsible retailer, so I decided to do the research on the company online.  I found out that most of their stores are powered by green power, with most using 100% National Wind power.  They also collaborate with music, art, and environmental awareness community organizations.  The owners also maintain close relationships with the factories that manufacture their products in China in which they discuss employee pay, work hours, and benefits.

Take home point: although I wasn’t sure if I had shopped responsibly, I made sure to buy from small establishments that I had not heard of, in order to support the local economy.  Hopefully, I’ll have enough money left to buy myself a nice New Year’s Eve sweater.

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