paid-social-ads-services-nycPaid, Sponsored, and Promoted Social Post Ads are Effective

socialMany large brands are realizing that the organic reach of unpaid social media marketing channels especially Facebook continues to decline. And because of this, Vab Media Digital Agency’s team is here to assist and help their clients take advantage of one of the fastest growing spaces in digital marketing: paid social media advertising.  paid social ad promotion
Social Media sites have found ways to tap into our human psyche as habit-forming technologies, and these addictive hooks or triggers that have been built into these products, which has made them a big part of people’s day to day life. It’s not only Millennials, many parents and baby boomers are all about it.       

We firmly believe that through using paid social amplification, our clients can achieve their goals (brand awareness, downloads, building an email list, engagement, online conversions, etc.) by connecting with a targeted audience that is making the journey through using social media networks each and every day.     
With expert planning and smart execution, Vab Media Digital Agency’s strategists can help your brand achieve your business goals with paid social media marketing.    

The number of worldwide social media users is projected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018, so leveraging social media as a channel is instrumental in prospecting, retargeting and reactivating your customers online. Through advanced targeting and segmentation of your potential and current consumers on multiple social media channels, we can deliver the highest performing conversions & metrics for your brand.

Social Media and Search are closely Connected

The story is pretty basic when people are in the discovery phase of finding out more information or reviews about a product or service, theysocial-media-engagement use a variety of channels including social networks.      

When it is done correctly, social media advertising has a larger audience size and lower cost per acquisition than search advertising, and it can deliver higher quality ad placements compared to display networks. The trick is finding ways to make it profitable while keeping the ads fresh.   

In 2014 a study conducted by Kenshoo analyzing 1,000’s of ads in a 2 week period, found that running Facebook ads incongruence with paid search significantly increased conversions, with an average of more 19% better uptick with people who saw the PPC ads and Facebook ads compared to those who only saw PPC ads.  Another bonus was that among those who saw both social and PPC advertising, there was a 10%, Avg decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) because of the increased conversions.    Facebook added new templates for canvas ads that advertisers can use to create more immersive experiences for consumers. Advertisers will be able to create fully-branded, interactive ads, along with full-screen video, product information, and other content.

Coca-Cola--Canvas-facebookVab Media Digital Agency has seen that targeted social media campaigns work best when they are executed alongside other digital marketing efforts including paid search, SEO or email marketing to drive meaningful results. How do you choose the right network for your business?   We can help your brand, build a strategy.     

Paid Social Advertising on instagram for businessInstagram
Tell your brand story your way.

Meet your business goals.

From sparking inspiration to driving action, get the business results and customers you care about.

People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about—and that includes content from brands and businesses like yours.



Drive awareness of your business, product, app or service.

  • Reach

  • Reach & Frequency

  • Brand Awareness

  • Local Awareness


Have potential customers learn more about your products or services.

  • Website Clicks

  • Video Views

  • Reach & Frequency


Increase product sales, mobile app downloads, even visitors to your store.

  • Website Conversions

  • Dynamic Ads on Instagram

  • Mobile App Installs

  • Mobile App Engagement

Facebook, YouTube & Instagram Mobile Video Advertising

Given that people spend more than three hours a day on their mobile devices, Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network are now providing advertisers a new opportunity to make people laugh, cry, wow and buy.  These social platforms provide a suite of video products and give a range of ways for brands to engage audiences using sight, sound and motion.

We are Committed to Helping your Social Campaigns Yield Returns

Vab Media Digital Agency is committed to ensuring our clients not only have a presence on social media but also yield a positive return on investment (ROI).  Social media continues to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels, and as each of these networks continues to expand their advertising tools and capabilities, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Vab Media Digital Agency uses the leading industry tools such as Adroll or Marin software to enhance social media management for our clients.  By using these platforms, we can reduce the time spent on the campaign creation and increase the time spent on the performance of it.  


We will manage every aspect of your campaign from planning, execution, optimization and reporting.  Based on our expertise and our client’s goals we will recommend the most appropriate platforms to achieve optimal results.    

ppc-ad-management-servicesPaid Social Media Services     social

  • Social Audit– Our team can examine your current campaign ( if you have one) and identify areas for improvement. Our audits can uncover new areas of opportunity to grow your campaign and audiences.    
  • Multi-channel management & strategy – We will meet with you to define your company’s objectives, whether it is to increase your brand’s exposure, app downloads, increasing email list or converting sales online, we will custom tailor an appropriate strategy for your business. We can analyze and figure which channels are performing the best so that if we need to adjust and reallocate marketing dollars to highest yield channel.  
  • Social Listening –  We can leverage social listening tools such as Geofeedia or Brandwatch to monitor how your paid social media efforts are resonating with your customer segments and audiences. We use real-time insights to help adjust plans if need be, and also use them to dictate future strategies.   Bonus we also can evaluate your company’s organic social media content to see which posts could possibly benefit from a paid promotion, based on what is trending in your industry.    
  • Audience Targeting –Reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. We strategically combat the fragmentation of consumers across digital and social platforms.  
  • Messaging & Ad Content Development – With a finger on the pulse of your target audience, we help you put together relevant messaging and ad content to drive strong connections and engagement.   
  • Campaign Optimization – Take a strategic test-and-learn approach to identify what works best for your brand. We systematically and continuously analyze and optimize your campaigns.    

social-media-marketing-servicesManaged Paid Social Advertising Campaign Services

  • Actively participating in the digital strategy and media planning meetings
  • Creation of digital ad campaigns across display, mobile, social, search, video, and emerging media from ideation to execution
  • Testing traffic sources and running them wherever economically viable social listening
  • Creating detailed reports of campaign performance
  • Working with other team members to implement a cohesive and integrated strategy
  • Negotiating opportunities with new and current media partners
  • Analyzing online media buys
  • Optimizing campaigns to internal ROI metrics

The key factors for running an effective social media campaign is engagement and management.  You need a solid team, guiding and executing – that understand social media audiences and how to maximize each platform for each specific segment. – Vania Benavides Founder and Chief Strategist

A 2016 study by Facebook showed people exposed to Facebook ads were more likely to later search for and click through to the advertiser’s website, with campaigns experiencing an average 6.3% lift in mobile search traffic and 0.9% lift on desktop.







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twitter ads


snapchat ads






Networks of Expertise

  • Facebook – Vab Media Digital Agency has access to all of Facebook’s advertising units, through both in-house and third-party partnerships.   We can help your brand run video ads, mobile app installations, contests, promoted posts, re-engagement ads and more.
  • Instagram  –  although Instagram advertising can be expensive, there are techniques such as product giveaways, connecting with online influencers. Models to post on your behalf and bring exposure to brand. His platform works well with visual-based businesses such as fitness, art, retail and beauty.
  • Linkedin – LinkedIn, advertising tools keep your brand top-of-mind and generate high-quality leads from professionals and business-minded audiences.
  • YouTube  –  Vab Media Digital Agency has been interviewed in the news for being YouTube optimization experts, if you already have a quality video that fits your business needs, then let us help you create a video ad campaign that will include setting a daily budget that you are comfortable with, target customers based on interest, age, gender, and location.
  • Twitter   –  Vab Media Digital Agency has been leveraging Twitter to drive success for our client’s whether their goals are direct response, engagement or branding.
  • Pinterest  – Vab Media Digital Agency’s team has been an early power users of Pinterest self-services Promoted Pins platform.
  • Snapchat – Snapchat advertising enables brands to take part in one-to-one communication with users in a most interactive and personal way.

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