Google is always changing and evolving, are you?

What You Need to Know About Today’s SEO

Google  is creating new algorithms all the time.

“The “Panda” algorithm change has improved rankings for a large number of high-quality websites. Panda was just one of roughly 500 search improvements we expect to roll out to search this year.” -Google webmaster blog

SEO is a moving target.  Search engines are constantly changing and evolving; they are consistently refining their techniques and algorithms to supply the best, relevant results to searchers.They are also making it tougher for unfair “black hat” marketers to manipulate search engine results by trying optimization tricks.  This is a good thing… at Vab Media ; we have always advocated using ethical SEO based on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to boost your rankings and traffic.

That is the reason why we stress to our clients that SEO should be considered a marathon instead of a race to the finish line. Using tricks and manipulation may get you fast results, but they are going to be fleeting and may even be damaging. Using  legitimate and effective SEO strategies will deliver more impressive, lasting results.

Local SEO is the method of targeting buyers in a local geography for the services and products that local companies provide.  According to ComScore, an industry leader in Internet research, 63% of U.S. Internet users perform local searches. Of those local searches, roughly 41% were hunting for info on a local service in their home area.

The study also found that consumers searching locally typically take action. Almost half (47%) of local searchers visited the local merchant as a direct result of their search behavior. For small to medium sized businesses, local SEO now has the one of the highest investment returns our of all the marketing mediums online.

While most people still use a variety of different methods to find local business, the study found what people seem to prefer as their first choice for doing so: (Source: ComScore, Georgia Institute of Technology).

1.  Search Engines (31%)

2.  Print Yellow Pages or White Pages (30%)

3.  Internet Yellow Pages Sites (19%)

4.  Local Search Sites (11%)

4 reasons to do SEO:

1.  Better ROI – SEO is a long term strategy which brings a greater ROI than PPC marketing.

2.  Credibility – SEO work brings higher levels of credibility with your customers.  (About The Author)

3.  Track & Prove Success – Discover what your customer are typing into Google, and which keyword convert the highest.  We install web metrics to show you what is working and what is not working with your SEO strategy.

4.  Tapping the trend — 81% of all consumers are now making purchasing decisions online.   Websites are no longer optional. SEO will drive traffic to your site.

1st Page Google Guarantee

Despite what you read, it is impossible for any SEO company to guarantee you a #1 ranking in organic search engine results. However, we understand that you still want some assurance that you will get the best possible results by signing on with us instead of a competitor.

Vab Media Web Design and SEO Marketing Firm has a stellar track record of helping our clients increase their rankings and, more importantly, their sales through our web site optimization services. Even though there is no way we (or any other company) can guarantee a 1st Page ranking in Google, Yahoo! or Live Search (MSN), we are willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering you our 1st Page Google Guarantee.

Under our 1st Page Guarantee, if we do not deliver the results we promise (10 new first page ranks) we will render our services free of cost until we deliver on our promise.  This lowers your financial risk as you will only be charged fees for truly measurable results… first page rankings!  Vab Media will bring the client’s web site to the 1st page Google results for 10 new keyword phrases.  This ranking guarantee is not search engine specific and only applies to those clients who complete The SEO SUCCESS Plan (3 month plan).

It is important to realize that the competition is also spending money on SEO, and this will affect your ranks. If your competition decides to spend money to out rank you, we do not have control over this.  For this reason, client is encouraged to continue to work with Vab Media to sustain the ranks.   For the most part, once you get ranked, only a minimum amount of work is required to sustain ranks.

Company Overview: About Us

Vab Media is a search engine optimization firm specializing in local and national organic search. We help clients increase their sales through local and national search engine optimization. Vab Media will work exclusively with your business to promote your website to search engines using acceptable practices based on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to boost your ranking and traffic. Our goal is to make sure your website is visible to potential customers who are searching for products and services in your business category .

Search Engine Optimization

To really make your SEO campaign a success, our SEO team will first develop a deep understanding of your business;  what you are trying to accomplish and what your goals are. Our discovery interview provides you with the opportunity to supply us with the required information that we need to make your campaign a success. In addition you can ask any questions that may be concerning you in regards to the types of changes that will be made to your web site, when to expect results, how it’s possible for you to help maximize your campaign and more.

Keyword Research

The keyword research process is the foundation to a successful SEO campaign. Our total keyword research process permits us to identify the following :

  • Target keywords which will produce the highest volume of traffic
  • Keywords that the competition are using to find success
  • Significant high traffic keywords your rival does not know about
  • Newly rising keywords primarily based on new trends & services and products related to your site
  • Keywords with high conversion rates to raise your ROI

This info will help us identify search phrases that are vital to your SEO campaign and overall net success.
Website Analysis

There are 3 key areas the search engines look at ; your web site code, your server and your prior history inside search engines.  Our team completes a total research package based on your domains origination, to the way the search engines see your site today. Below you will find an inventory of areas our team will cover :

  • Research of server at the host level, DNS setup, IP setup
  • Research of site structure & page relations
  • Current indexation standing across the major search engines
  • Research of any issues now impacting search engine spidering
  • Research of site link structure, page structure, navigational structure and hierarchical system of content of the site.

Content Analysis

A Content Analysis Report is performed on pages throughout your web site. This permits us to identify the present pages and content which has the capability to help support your selected keywords and sustain long-term top 10 rankings.  If your internet site is short of additional content, we then assign one of our pro content writers to guarantee the correct selling message is conveyed and new creative copy is written specifically with SEO Goals in mind.

Content Writing

There are occasions when sites don’t have enough content to support their SEO campaign ; there are times where pages in your site are ideal for the visitor, but missing integral parts for a successful SEO campaign. As you may know, Content is King on the net.  We provide a professional content writing service that will permit you to keep your current content intact, while incorporating new content and / or pages in your site to maximize the success of your SEO campaign. This highly creative content will incorporate your selling message, robust calls to action and exhibit the same appearance as your current net pages.  In addition, we write with theme keywords to respect LSI (latent semantic indexing).  You will always have the final say of any new content made for your web site.

Competitor Analysis


The only real way to beat the competition is to understand the competition! Our SEO team will identify the competition based totally on the keywords you select ; find the keywords that they are targeting, discover sites that link to them, compare your site to your competition, and identify precisely what is needed to out-rank them and get top ten rankings for your target keywords. This info is then used to craft your Link Plan , Content research, and SEO Implementation.

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