Investing In Green Technologies.

Vab Media is a sustainable entrepreneur. We care about investing in green technology companies and sustainable alternative energy companies. *We have personally invested in companies such as Stans Energy and Molycorp which are focused on developing properties containing Rare Earth Elements (REEs), Uranium, and Associated Metals. China exports a substantial amount of unusual earth components.

Sadly, the volume of rare earth aspects isn’t limitless, and the supply will likely diminish. It may possibly be advantageous to make investments in uncommon earth elements, generally simply because new technological innovation relies on them. Green technology units, iPhones, iPads, tablets, and TVs are developed with unusual earth components. Picture optics and rechargeable batteries are also dependent on rare earth metals. As the quantity of rare earth aspects decreases, their cost will expand. Modern day technology will retain on attracting individuals, so men and women will undoubtedly carry on on purchasing it.
There are numerous uncommon earth components: molybdenum, platinum, lithium, thorium, zirconium, neodymium, iridium, rubidium, osmium, manganese, palladium, and many others. Lithium might be the most renowned amongst new technologies. Virtually all of our cell phone batteries rely on this steel. Some people say that mining for these green technologies is not completely green, however, this article goes into more details about the need to mine these rare earth metals in order to propel renewable energy resource technologies.

We love educating people about conserving energy and resources. One of the benefits of running an internet media company, is going green by not wasting tons of paper. We cut down on our carbon foot print by not having to drive every where, but instead meet and work with our clients via internet applications. We believe in moving our world forward by investing and using “green” products.  That is why we volunteer each year at Green Festivals San Francisco. We started a Youtube Channel campaign called InvestGreen to raise awareness about changing America’s energy policies and ending our dependence on foreign oil. No worthy causes or changes happen overnight, but with the power of people and networking anything is possible.

*Disclaimer: We are not stock brokers and we are not making stock recommendations.

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