RSI Insurance SEO and Lead Conversion Case Study

By Andrew Broadbent


The restaurant, hospitality, insurance industry is very competitive, and especially in New York City.   Business owners and people use the internet (mobile search has surpassed desktop) to research things they want to purchase.   If your business does not have a presence online, then you are losing out to your competitors that do.

RSI Insurance owner, Ira Holm, contacted us because he had just had his website built, but like most business owners who get a website, his website developers did not set him up with basic information on how to market his website.  So we stepped in. We started out performing keyword searches and looking at his competitors’ content to see what they had on their website that we needed to include in RSI’s.
RSI - an SEO and Social Media Case Study

We went through our iteration process of keyword research based on intent and then mapped them into the awareness, interest, engage, and convert phases of the buyer’s decision cycle to create different types of content that aligns with each stage.   He obviously needed more content to showcase all the services he offered.


He had a sidebar that only had a few services listed, but the bullet points didn’t actually link to anything, so we decided to go ahead and make those bullet points into links, with a full page of content behind each link.

We’ve developed about thirty pages of content, created around 100 internal links, listed him on local business directories, created and managed social media profiles, including marketing a recent video we produced, which you can see here.

Vab Media fits in well in New York. They are innovative and tenacious marketers. I am a bottom line type of a guy. If it is not working I don’t pay for it. If I can get calls from the internet, without having to send someone out to do sales or use traditional cold calling methods, I’m all for it!  Vab Media is helping us get calls and convert more customers.  We are getting over 10,000 unique visitors a month on average now.  Vab Media increased our traffic by over 1000% from when we first contacted them. They are awesome. I recommend them to anyone that wants to convert sales from their web site.  – Ira Holm, President, RSI Insurance

SEO is an ongoing project, just like a website, there are always things that can be improved. Here, we have just set him up with the basics, so that if people search for “Restaurant Insurance NY,” “New York Commercial Insurance,” “Nightclub Insurance NY,” “Catering Insurance NY,” or “New York Commercial Insurance Companies, ” his website will not only come up in searches, but provides detailed information to those visiting his website that he would normally provide if he were talking to that “visitor” in person. Want to increase your Google page ranking? We took RSI from a page rank zero all the way to a page rank four in less than 6 months!    


Our SEO services have helped increase RSI’s incoming calls for insurance quotes. The number of people filling out the “Request A Quote” form on his website has also increased. RSI saw a Return on Investment within the first month that we began Search Engine Optimization and social media strategy.

On January 23, 2012, after many revisions and time spent making connections with key editors at, the document that we wrote for Ira Holm titled, “Employment Suits Can Threaten Existence of Midsize Companies,” was published in Business Insurance Magazine, a publication that retails at $100 per issue (special issues).


RSI has just seen over a 1000 percent increase in their traffic this month from a page we wrote 6 months ago.  They now are ranking on the 1st page for the very competitive search phrase “commercial Insurance New York”    They went from getting around 900 visitors a month to now getting over 10,007 visitors.  They are so happy.

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