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How developing quality content and a modern brand design powered a leading NY Boutique CPA firm's acquisition engine

Why Scott M. Aber CPA has been partnering with Vab Media Digital Agency since 2012, for their content and web design needs. Through three major website redesigns we have now designed a brand identity web presence that showcases them as modern digital first, tech enabled New York advisory CPA firm that takes a forward-thinking and future-leaning approach to solving our clients’ most pressing problems.  
Website Redesign for CPA in New York

Scott M. Aber, CPA is an  established a full services accounting firm that has been in business since 1998. Scott the founder is a professional CPA, small business advisor, Certified Tax Coach, accounting expert.

Vab Media Digital Agency was first introduced to to Scott back in 2012, from a referral, and at the time he was using a platform for hosting his site called CPA Site Solutions, when we first proposed that we could build him a new website in a WordPress Content Management System, since it has a lot of benefits, which include: usability, SEO friendly features, easy publishing tools etc. We gave a website redesign back in 2017.  Scott was looking to update his brands look and design again.  To reflect the breadth of the Scott M. Aber CPA’s mission and the company’s imperative to target and acquire new audiences for his accounting and consulting, we started by redesigning the primary touchpoint client experience:

In November of 2020 Scott approached us with the challenge of redesigning his brand with a new logo, brand messaging, imagery and visual identity that includes new typography, colors, and creative design. He had seen some other websites that used video and some animation features and he wanted us to design a new modern optimized look, feel and layout for his site to showcase the new brand direction of AberCPA as a modern accounting and technology consulting firm. They already have a strong restaurant industry accounting practice but they were looking to break into law firm accounting services and wanted have us research and develop content to target that audience. 

He continues to partner with Vab Media Digital Agency because we have almost a decade of writing and marketing experience within the accounting and financial services industry. And we collaborate and act as an outsourced CMO to his firm to develop authoritative thought leadership content and bring new qualified leads that he can pick and choose from.

We kicked off our first strategy meeting to redefine his service offerings, discuss keyword and competitor research, taglines, design elements and features he liked from other sites, brand positioning, and ways to enhance his presence on Google as veteran expert in back-office bookkeeping automation, tax saving strategies and outsourced CFO services.  

We developed a layout in which we would showcase the services he wanted to come up for and used a couple of colors that were similar to the logo, and others as highlight elements. 

We decided to use a better drag and drop interface design tool for WordPress CMS sites called Elementor, to set up columns, rows, sections, widgets, text blocks, buttons, animations and other design elements that would allow us to highlight and break up the content.

Vab Media Digital Agency helps companies and individuals by offering online presence management to build awareness and equity around their passions, stories, and expertise in a way that elevates their search rankings, the demand and size of future business opportunities. 

Scott M. Aber CPA's Business Goals

  • Design a new modern optimized look, feel and layout for the website to showcase the new brand direction of AberCPA as a modern accounting and technology consulting firm
  • To do a brand refresh which included brainstorming a new logo idea mockups until we figure out a logo design that fits with your new brand direction.
  • To edit, update and simplify the page content so that its easy to read on mobile but still make sure that pages did not lose any search rankings 
  • To create, put together and edit a short moving video-with a few rotating clips for the homepage header

What We Did

We created a new brand identity for Scott M. Aber CPA by designing a clean, mobile responsive and technologically advanced website for his accounting firm. We did this by using a drag and drop editor known as Elementor, which allowed us to have more control of layout and design.   

The new design improved the user experience on the home page to highlight his services to individuals and industries, a login for clients, added a Calendly integration to book appointments, his certifications, added a review widget that pulled in his 60 clients reviews from Google) that showcased his unique value his he delivers to his clients. 

The new site introduces a series of features around the core value propositions of exceptional talent, and a breadth of exceptional accounting and financial services. 


"I have have chosen to partner with Vab Media digital Agency on several different web design and marketing projects, and we have always seen great results from the efforts and that is why we continue to work with them!”

scott m aber testimonial

Create content that shows expertise and knowledge of the subject matter to drive rankings and leads

On the previous web redesign project in 2017, as part of the ongoing optimization, including link building and ongoing content marketing, we had decided to improve his landing page for Restaurant accounting services. As soon as we launched the redesigned website in WordPress that we developed for Scott Aber, CPA, we heard he was receiving calls from clients interested in his services because they searched online and found his website.   

Scott had told us back then that he wanted to target New York City restaurants as potential tax preparation and accounting clients. He said because he can charge between $6,000 to $8,000 each restaurant.

There were a couple of key phrases he wanted to rank for and within 4 months of working with him, we were able to obtain first page listings for a few key phrases, especially related to NYC Bar and Restaurant Accounting, the industry in which he specialized his services. He has been working with Vab Media Digital Agency for over 8 years now on and off and has over 100 restaurant customers.

We developed strategic content that would show and reflect Scott M. Aber’s expertise and thought leadership which would be published on his blog to increase search rankings, build brand awareness and attract top-of-funnel visitors looking for accounting and tax help.

Here are a few examples of the improved search rankings and qualified conversions we deliver to Scott M. Aber CPA on a monthly basis.

Restaurant CPA NYC


Certified Tax Coach Pricing


CPA for Physicians in New York

quality leads roi

Over the past 8 year Scott M Aber CPA was able to establish authority with a whole new audience of restaurant and hospitality business and startup clients while engaging their existing customers with new and valuable information that creates contagious brand loyalty. 

Thanks largely to Vab Media’s efforts, Scott M. Aber CPA is now at the forefront of search visibility when people search for several long tail financial, tax and accounting related phrases.

AI is changing search engine results and listings

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