San Francisco Fashion Feud Finals

Last Tuesday, Januray 26, at San Francisco’s at San Francisco’s “Mighty” Bar, EcoBold‘s Steffany Boldrini and I partied while Julia Meeks, Alexandria Von Bromssen, and Gail B. Shrive sewed, ironed, and fit their models for an hour.

At the beginning of the show they were given two different fabrics with which they had to work, one was a paisley print and the other a brocade pattern.  Throughout the hour, we mingled and checked out the vendors at the event.  Most were jewelry, but the ones that stood out were the make-up and organic chocolate vendors.

While Gail was shirring the top of a dress, Julia Meeks was fitting her model with an asymmetric wrap dress, and Alexandria was fitting her model with a deep V-neck top attached to a short skirt.

At the end of the hour, although Julia had a slew of fans cheering boisterously for her, Gail won the competition with her design – a cocktail dress with a shirred-top.

fashion feud final designs
Photo by Owen Geronimo, SFFAMA, Inc.

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