Without good analytics,
97% of online marketing campaigns fail.

You deserve better.

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Google Website Analytics

Analytics tracking is the biggest influencer of digital marketing success. From click-to-close, your traffic is giving you opportunities to track, model and predict their behavior.  Website monitoring and analytics are not just about the reports.  It’s also about analysis of the data.  Although monthly traffic reports are important to show ROI from investing in SEO and other internet marketing strategies, there are more insights that can be learned to refine and make improvements going forward in the future. Vab Media, Digital Agency’s analytics experts will help your New York startup and business find actionable insights with the data to help your team growth hack your business.


Analytics Setup and Capabilities Solutions Work


Trust Your Data

We will perform a comprehensive audit of your current analytics set up to ensure that the full suite of analytic tracking features, are actually enabled, and that your data is accurate and clean. If you do not currently have an analytics solution in place, we will work closely with you throughout the development and implementation process so that it is a seamless experience.

Custom Tracking Solutions

Not every business has the same needs, and out-of-box solutions are not always the answer. Because of this, we will understand your specific business needs, and create custom tailored tracking solutions to meet those needs.

Advanced Segmentationadvanced-segmentation-analytics

Understanding the quality and intent of user traffic has become ever more important. With our approach to segmentation, we are able to provide detailed business insights into user behavior, demographic, and technology buckets.

Site Performance

The in-depth site performance analysis will reveal areas of opportunity that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Our analyses will guide you to these win’s, as well as notifying you of problem areas that require attention.

insights-analyticsVab Media,Digital Agency Website Analytics Services include:



If your customers aren’t getting a seamless experience across mobile devices, apps, web, and other channels, you’re likely losing them. What you need is a single solution that lets you connect the dots across devices and between online and physical experiences.

Customers Begin and End their Journey in Many places Across Multiple Devices 

We help companies to track and analyze how different marketing channels affect their customers’ online purchase decisions.   Tracking and properly tagging the customer journey through campaign multi-touch attribution modeling is really useful in figuring out which marketing channels are working to assist and play a role in the customers’ path to conversion.  The goal of assigning attribution is to determine which marketing touch-points are producing a positive result, and, by determining the cost of each touch point, an advanced attribution system can then assign revenue credit to which marketing channels contributed to the sale or conversion.   What are the most important moments along the journey for your customers?

customer-journey mapping

Vab Media, Digital Agency can help to guide your company to make better marketing and business decisions based on data.

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Vab Media, Digital Agency is a Google Analytics Certified Partner.   As being part of the program Google puts faith in us being in the partnered program to support their Google Analytics and Tag Manager Products.  Vab Media can provide critical insights into your traffic and business
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