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Vania, our chief real-time tweeter, listens to Nada Miljkovic’s show and tweets during the interviews as well as posts links and status updates to the facebook page every week during the show. Most recently, we decided to include instagram in our real time engagement in order to showcase art whenever Nada Miljkovic is at an art exhibit to show the fans the wonderful and innovative art and digital media around town.

Nada Miljkovic, who we have partnered with on numerous web projects, came to us wanting help with social media to increase the visibility and fan base to her radio show and the services she offers for Artists.  We started out with outlining a page detailing all her services: “Video Marketing for Artists,” which is currently on the top position in Google.  We improved facebook and Twitter content to engage artists and others interested in her show.  Within a couple of months, we increased her website traffic, where most of the incoming traffic was from Facebook and Twitter.  In addition, we started to tweet live during her shows.  On occasion, we would comment on blogs related to art. During December of 2011, while Vab Media was on vacation, her website traffic dropped 20%, an indication that our social media engagement services have an effect on traffic and user engagement.

Follow @ArtistonArt and to follow Vab Media’s Social Media live feeds for Artists On Art.


Ultimate Ashtray

Ultimate Ashtray sells one product: decorative metal ashtrays. We started out by tweeting and posting on facebook targeting males but then realized that posting the ashtrays in different rooms and scenarios brought in the female market through pinterest.
View Ultimate Ashtray’s Activity on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter for a sample of our work.


Scott Aber, CPA

We’ve only been working with Scott Aber a short while, but in that short time, we’ve learned that Linkedin is the best place for us to post status updates and join in on discussions on behalf of Scott, as well as tweet, and post status updates on Google+ in related groups, on his profile and on his business page.
We also set up a few calls to action on his LinkedIn Business Page. See screenshot below:

Anxiety Treatment Services

We started out recently with Anxiety Treatment Services by adding custom tabs to their facebook page to show locations, allow visitors to listen to the self help audio, and also to see the reviews and link to the reviews. anxiety-treament-services-custom-tabs


Flower Power Mom

Flower Power Mom’s Angel La Liberte came to us in November asking us to teach her social media. More importantly, how to use twitter and facebook to help her blog gain visibility. Well, one month after our twitter tutorial, she had about 500 followers. Her facebook following also started increasing.

Our next step was to create a campaign that will launch on mother’s day to raise awareness of moms who are trying to have kids and are over the age of 40. For this campaign, we launched a video we directed, “A Child After 40 -Launching Mother’s Day,” and a custom facebook page. After some networking on various channels, including youtube itself, Flower Power Mom’s channel on youtube has pulled in over 4,900 views in a few months.

“Without Vab Media’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to launch the Mother’s Day campaign on my own. I definitely did not have the social media expertise that they provided. They came up with a brilliant video concept, which most people enjoyed, including the staff at CNN. On Mother’s Day 2011, the video was featured on CNN; proof that Vab Media’s concept was vital to the importance of the campaign. They developed many useful platforms for the campaign, including a custom page on my blog, a facebook page, and a forum on which other over 40 moms could share their experiences.  Vab Media’s expertise in social media, video conceptualization, and programming is both creative and innovative.  I cannot thank them enough for all the effort that went into making this campaign a success. They were able to meet the deadlines I set out to launch the campaign, and delivered above my expecations.  I recommend their services to anyone that wants media exposure.”

Angel La Liberte, Flower Power Mom

Greenlight Apparel

Greenlight Apparel is a clothing outfitter with a social goal in mind: to end child labor.  It was one of our first clients.  We started out blogging for them, but slowly got better at getting them a following on twitter.  Managing their facebook page became more important as they started making more and more t-shirts for more and more running events.

We helped them implement social media sharing tools on their website and convinced them to incorporate a custom facebook page.  We’ve also helped to raise awareness of the brand by commenting on blogs and increasing their friend following on youtube.  We also posted their videos on several channels online.  Our status updates on facebook range from raising awareness of child labor and human trafficking to positive quotes to posting information about upcoming events that they will be outfitting.

We started their community on twitter.  Their tweets consist of raising awareness of child labor and human trafficking, as well as tweeting with runners who wear their shirts at events.

On their website, we encouraged them to add the facebook like social plugin to their pages, the facebook like box to the blog section of their site, tweetmeme, and disqus as a commenting and tracking plugin to their blog posts.

Greenlight Apparel Social media
a collage of social media tools on their website and facebook page

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