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Research shows that seventy to eighty percent of web searchers, don’t go past the first page of a particular search.

So if your website is on page 2 or worse, than you miss major traffic.  How do you get on this first page?  There are many things that can be done, some are easy, some are hard.  The more things you do, the better!  Today organic search is about fresh, relevant, findable, optimized content that generates leads and sales. Below are ten steps you can take to get google’s bots on your side.

  1. Look at what your competitors are writing.  Don’t copy things word for word, because that’s lame.  But do include every detail of your service.  The more details you include in your content and pages, the more your listing will improve.  People search for what they need, and that may not be the most popular keyword, it may be that detail that you include in your content.
  2. Optimize your page’s title tag, body text and headlines, your description meta tags, and optimize link text for links pointing to your site.
  3. Determine your site’s link popularity. See exactly what the text anchor of sites, pointing links to your site, one of the most crucial ranking factors with Google’s webmaster tools.
  4. The more places you place your link on, the better.  Do you have a service or product people can write about? The internet is your new place for networking and you should build these networks by visiting blogs that write about your product or service or that are within the field that your products or services target.  If you visit blogs, and you have an informative comment to make, most blogs let you add a link to your website. Don’t add the link in the comment itself though.
  5. .org and .edu links – If you’re a business owner and don’t belong to an organization that has a .org website, you must do so NOW.  Having a link from a .org website counts high in google’s eyes.
  6. Ranking on google is based on how many relevant content links you have linking back to your site.  So, this is why you shouldn’t just place links in places that are not relevant to your business.  Look for authoritative sites in your industry to write “guest posts” or “guest blog” on to build more natural links, reach more people and customers.  When adding yourself to business directories, add as much information you can about your products and services.
  7. Social networks feeds are now coming up on google searches under ‘real-time’ relevant searches.  Thus, you need to put your links on social networks, and build a community of followers.  Implementation of social sharing icons throughout the main web and blog sites. The more people you have Google+ing, pinning, and re-tweeting your link, the better.
  8. Fresh unique updated content.  More and more, we find ourselves clicking the advanced tab on the left hand side of google to search for content within the past year, or within the past month.  Things change very quickly in the world.  So should the content on your website.
  9. Link to yourself within your website.  It not only helps people navigate better around your website, but google counts these links and helps your listing show up as relevant.
  10. List your local business on search engines like google local, bing local, yahoo local.  If you can get your customers to give you a review, you will be more relevant in googlebot’s eyes.

Remember to be relevant: seek relevant backlinks and include relevant freshly updated content on your website.

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    1. Thanks! We do feel like these points are important to keep in mind. However, every website owner should also keep in mind the importance of writing for their audience. After all, what good is a page rank if your bounce rate is high?

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