Vab Media’s SEO strategist featured in LA Times Youtube article

Vab media’s Lead SEO Marketer, Andrew Broadbent, was interviewed, quoted and featured in an article about YouTube Monetization in the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Through our connections with editors, writers and journalists, Famous LA Times columnist, David Lazarus, called local Santa Cruz social media and outdoor adventure journalist Karen Kefauver. Karen Kefauver thought about Vab Media because of our love and expertise for the power of video search engine optimization and YouTube channel customization. Below is a screenshot of the quote and the article.

This article focused on trying to make money with Google Adsense and putting distracting ads on your channel and videos. For us and our customers, having ads that sometimes show your competitors’ ads is not recommended; we suggest disabling them. What was not really said and conveyed in this article is the real power of YouTube for businesses and using video to rank for competitive search phrases.

Since people love to watch videos and there are a lot less videos that are optimized for search, compared to regular web pages. This creates a huge opportunity to use video to dominate search engine page results for your niche. As an example, we have helped our client SB&W a global manufacturer of custom engineered parts, to rank on 1st page for a very competitive search phrase “custom component manufacturing.”


Videos don’t only help you rank on search engines, but also give you the opportunity to show people who don’t know you or your business to see your business the way you want them to. Communicate with your prospective clients in a manner that shows the passion you have for your business; what makes you unique from the others. The more videos you have, the more people will be able to see what your business has to offer.

Even if you don’t monetize your video directly from Adsense, you stand to gain more visibility, reach a wider audience, and ultimately make even more money from clients that want your products or services–compared to what you would make with ads.

We absolutely love helping large and small companies drive more traffic to their websites and increasing brand presence by using video content marketing strategies. We also customize YouTube channels for large companies and organizations. Check out our recent video case study of B Corporation’s YouTube channel.

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