Helpful tips for optimizing videos and content for search engines


Here are some basic tips for video search engine optimization (Video SEO).

It’s no secret that incorporating video into your brand’s online marketing strategy is becoming a normal and necessary evil. When done correctly, video can be an extremely engaging form of content and make a significant contribution to your overall online marketing SEO strategy.

The integration of videos is by far the most important of Googles Universal Search integrations with at least one video included in nearly 50% of search queries. This presents an awesome opportunity to quickly get on 1st page for your keyword phrase search results with just a few videos. Nevertheless, not enough businesses have  been capitalizing– only a small percentage of websites are actually optimizing their existing video content.                                                                                                      video-search-optimization-Video-SEO

Choose keywords for video. Just like the Google Adwords key word tool, their product YouTube also has a keyword tool. provides the opportunity to examine search volumes for individual keywords. With this, you quickly get an idea of which keywords are relevant for video optimization. Keywords that have a high search volume, here are also often displayed right at the top of the Universal Search integrations in the normal Google SERPs and therefore have a higher click through rate.


Video appropriate keywords are keywords where a user will often click on videos in the search results or where the search query is made up of their [existing search] + video. With this kind of keyword, videos provided with prominent video integrations will feature prominently in SERPs.   YouTube is the most important video platform and has just recently surpassed Yahoo as the second largest search engine in the world and, with a large online community, powerful marketing tool for companies.
Here are the some tips that will help your video get more views and rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs):

  • Content: As with your website’s content, your video content should also be relevant, clear and crisp. It should be able to convey the message in an interesting or different way.
  • Title: should contain the most important keywords, arranged with the most important keywords first. Keep the title around 60 characters, any more will not be displayed.
  • Description: video’s description should contain the keyword more than once and should use additional, semantically related keywords to avoid keyword stuffing. Which means you can simply use alternative terms that describe the same concept and thus strengthen your foothold for all of the related terms of that subject.
  • Keywords: Add your keywords in the content, or the description of your video. Even your video transcript should be keyword-rich. Adding a relevant transcript serves more than one purpose- your video becomes accessible to people with hearing disabilities as well as it becomes relevant for search engine spiders.  The filename of the video should also contain the keywords.
  • Tags: Add up to 10 or 15 tags – using the most important keywords.
  • Comments: Allow viewer comments and feedback on your video. The more people talk about your video, the higher will be your ranking on search result page.
  • Linking: Link your video to relevant content on your site. While linking ensures that the appropriate keywords are used. Also make your content relevant so that others link to your video too. More the number of inbound links, higher will be your ranking.
  • Sitemap: Add a video sitemap, submit video sitemap to search engines. This will help web spiders to index your video more easily.

Video SEO Ranking Factors to Consider

  • Keywords in title
  • Number of views
  • Number of comments
  • Category & Tags
  • +1/Shares/Tweets/Embeds
  • Favorites
  • Ratings
  • Sentiment (Like/Dislike ratio)
  • Channel views
  • Number of subscribers
  • Links
  • Embeds
  • Video Sitemap
  • Channel login activity
  • Speed & consistency of interest
  • Quality description (click-thru factor)
  • Flags (negative)

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