Our web development services include developing websites using the drupal framework and content management system, wordpress, shopping cart/ecommerce development, graphic design, and custom facebook pages for businesses in Santa Cruz, California.


We provide the best web design services in Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz is famous for many things- it’s luxurious beaches, best surfing in California, the Santa Cruz film festival, the boardwalk, skateparks, great weather, the Lost Boys movie, the farmers market, and an eco-friendly sustainable community. Vab Media loves living, working, and helping businesses get more exposure and customers in Santa Cruz. Do you live, work, or own a business in Santa Cruz?  Vab Media provides the following web services for your home or business: Website design and developmentSEO Servicessocial media management, and social media tutorials.

We enjoy working with local Santa Cruz business to help refresh their existing website or help build a custom portal for their needs from the ground up.  In the time that we have been living here, we have had the great fortune of collaborating with many companies that have grown through the local business community, Nextspace being one of the key communities that enhances the workforce and technology development in Santa Cruz.

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Many clients come to us because their current websites are lacking the essential elements that lead to traffic and sales.

Usually, lack of clear messaging and intuitive navigation are often the major problem. We look at and track performance both before and after our redesigns to ensure that our work did indeed benefit the client. Now a days, clients should think about seo web design techniques to maximize your website’s conversion.

It all boils down to this, when we design a website and provide you with any of our web services, we focus on generating a high return on investment for you. In doing so, we can give you personalized attention. We listen to what your goals and objectives are, and then we customize our solutions to meet those requirements and deadlines.

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