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Santa Cruz is famous for many things, it’s luxurious beaches,best surfing in California, the Santa Cruz film festival, the boardwalk, skateparks, great weather, the Lost Boys movie, the farmers market and a eco-friendly sustainable community. Do you live or work or own a business in Santa Cruz?  Vab Media loves living and working here. We provide the following web services for your home or business: Website design and developmentSEO Servicessocial media managementtutorials, infographics and much more in Santa Cruz, CA.   Is your website or business dominating 1st page of Google search ranking? Vab Media can help you.


Search engine optimization starts out by identifying the type of information that your website needs to stand out in search results.  Ever since google incorporated the new Panda algorithm, it is more crucial than ever to not only include unique content into your website, but also to make every page on your website stand out and improve the users’ experience. The world of search has changed. Quality wins over quantity. Make sure your website brings value to your readers. Here are a few of 23 questions from Amit Singhal, Google’s head of search, published a blog post on the Google Webmaster Central blog named More guidance on building high-quality sites.:

  1. Are people visiting other pages on your website?
  2. Are they staying longer than one minute on your website?
  3. Would a new visitor feel comfortable giving their credit card information?
  4. Does the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or original analysis?

Browse through our blog to get more tips on SEO. Check out our SEO Case Studies, which shows how we have helped local clients increase their search rankings and web presence.

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