Below are some recent case studies and projects that we’ve taken on to help our clients gain increased visibility online.   

SlotFlop Sandals

We always believe in launching websites that are already optimized. While Vania and Christian are developing and designing the website, respectively, Andrew researches the best keyphrases, trends, and develops the content necessary to rank for these phrases and get people from google search listings to the website. On the website itself is plenty of information to help the consumer know more about the product. Here are a few pages that were used to rank this website: “Authentic Patented Reef-r Stash Flip Flops,” “Flip Flops with Arch Support,” and “Bottle Opener Flip Flop Sandals.” These pages have allowed the website to rank on first page for the following terms “stash compartment flip flops,” ” stash compartment sandals,” “reef stash flip flops,” and dominating with three top listings for the keyphrase “stash flip flops.


 Scott M. Aber CPA

As soon as we launched the redesigned website in wordpress that we developed for Scott Aber, CPA, we heard he was receiving calls from clients interested in his services because they searched online and found his website. There were a couple of keyphrases he wanted to rank for and within 4 months of working with him, we have been able to obtain first page listings for a few keyphrases, especially related to NYC Bar and Restaurant Accounting. He Specializes in this industry. See Screenshots below.

last-minute-tax-filing-tips-for-2012 ny- bar-accounting nyc-restaurant-accounting

Airtight Windows



Airtight Windows contacted Vab Media about a year ago because they felt they needed a more professional web presence and help with ranking higher in search engine page results related to their target audience–home owners looking to make home improvements.  Ultimately, like most businesses, the owners were able to acquire more leadssales and revenue from our efforts.

The Issue:    

Airtight Siding and Windows was getting outranked online by local Santa Cruz window installation companies in various searches related to window replacement & installations.  We began by redesigning their website–they had a small outdated website that was lacking quality content and photos of their work.  There was a lack of information for homeowners looking to replace windows or siding in their home.  Airtight Windows hired Vab Media to address weaknesses in the website’s lack of relevant pages and content in order to drive new customers and traffic from increased rankings in search engine results pages.

 The Results:


We performed keyword research to figure what long tail keyword search phrases would customers type in related to their industry. Airtight windows now ranks on the first page in both local and organic search listings for phrases like “Window Company in Santa Cruz“, “Santa Cruz Home Window Replacement“, and “Window Installation in Santa Cruz.”  We also optimized for every photo on the site to come up in Google’s universal image search.


B Corporation


We were honored to have the privilege of working with a company with the fame and stature of B Corporation.  It was also great that we scored this client through LinkedIn, the largest professional social network on the web.  Ever since Google dramatically redesigned their video platform Youtube a few months ago, getting used to navigating through all the new features is a little confusing when you first attempt to add features like links and background templates.  B Lab Corporation was impressed with the Youtube channel customization and video SEO work that we had previously conducted for one of our clients V1 Jets International Inc.

We decided to help them by optimizing their videos with relevant keywords included within their titles, descriptions, and tags.  We also helped with choosing the best channel layout for the company’s videos, and  by adding anchor text links within the channel’s side bar to social network profile pages, like Twitter and Facebook , as well as links to other pages on their website.  We also featured their B Corporation customer channels like Patagonia and Seventh Generation on their channel.  Since the channel and video optimization, we have increased the number of subscribers and views to their videos.  We loved working with them and setting up their Google+ Business Page.    Using the power of video and Youtube for engaging your customers with different forms of content marketing is crucial to broadening your company’s brand presence on the internet.



RSI Insurance owner, Ira Holm, had just had a website done, but like most business owners who get a website, his website developers did not set him up with basic information on how to market his website. So we stepped in. We started out performing keyword searches and looking at his competitors’ content to see what they had on their website that we needed to include in RSI’s. He obviously needed more content to showcase all the services he offered.

He had a sidebar that only had a few services listed, but the bullet points didn’t actually link to anything, so we decided to go ahead and make those bullet points into links, with a full page of content behind each link.

We’ve developed about thirty pages of content, created around 100 internal links, listed him on local business directories, created and managed social media profiles, including marketing a recent video we produced, which you can see here.

RSI - an SEO and Social Media Case Study
RSI – an SEO and Social Media Case Study

SEO is an ongoing project, just like a website, there are always things that can be improved. Here, we have just set him up with basics, so that if people search for “Restaurant Insurance NY,” “New York Commercial Insurance,” “Nightclub Insurance NY,” “Catering Insurance NY,” or “New York Commercial Insurance Companies, ” his website will not only come up in searches, but provides detailed information to those visiting his website that he would normally provide if he were talking to that “visitor” in person. Want to increase your Google page ranking? We took RSI from a page rank zero all the way to a page rank four in less than 6 months!

Our SEO services have helped increase RSI’s incoming calls for insurance quotes. The number of people filling out the “Request A Quote” form on his website has also increased. RSI saw a Return on Investment within the first month that we began Search Engine Optimization and social media strategy.

On January 23, 2012, after many revisions and time spent making connections with key editors at, the document that we wrote for Ira Holm titled, “Employment Suits Can Threaten Existence of Midsize Companies,” was published in Business Insurance Magazine, a publication that retails at $100 per issue (special issues).


 RSI has just seen over a 1000 percent increase in their traffic this month from a page we wrote 6 months ago.  They now are ranking on 1st page for the very competitive search phrase “commercial Insurance New York”    They went from getting around 900 visitors a month to now getting over 10,007 visitors.  They are so happy.

V1 Jets International, Inc.


V1 Jets is a private jet charter broker located in New York City.  They came to us wanting to improve their search positioning on the web.  The private jet charter search space is one of the most competitive on the internet.   Our plan of action was to perform extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to familiarize our copy writers with the industry, so we could write intelligent and engaging web copy. We started by going after global events to rank them on 1st page for search phrases like “Charter a Private Jet to Cannes Film Festival” or “Charter a Private Jet to the Caribbean.” We also started ranking them on 1st page for phrases like  “Private Jet charter Quotes.”  “Private Jet Charter flight”  or “Business Jet Charter” We wanted to take advantage of Google’s Universal Search feature, whereby non-standard organic search results like images, videos, news, blogs, and other forms of multi-media are listed as relevant search results.  Since V1 had great jet charter videos, we decided to optimize those videos for search.  Their videos include celebrities like Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima and big name Operators like Gulfstream and Cessna.  We optimized all their videos with keywords included in video titles and clickable “calls to action links,” like Get a quote in the description area. V1 jets is now ranking on 1st page for 15 different videos for phrases like “Rent a Gulfstream G550.”


Heamap-of-Click-Activity-on-Jetcharter-HomepageWe then proceeded to implement conversion rate optimization techniques into each of their blog posts by including a quote form and “calls to action,” as well as unique graphics at the top of the page to grab the reader’s attention. Since Google is favoring videos a lot more within their search results, we included a private jet video in all global events pages to give the reader a more engaging visual experience. When they started working with us their traffic was at 2,900 visits a month, now they are receiving over 4,000 visits per month and receiving calls and quote requests to their office, from our attempts. When we started with them their bounce rate was around 80% now their bounce rate is down to 51%, which means users are staying on their site longer and are reading more web pages.

This shot on the side shows a heatmap of click activity on the homepage.  15% are going to blog pages, and most visitors are filling out the quote on the home page.  One thing we did on this homepage which we didn’t mention above was to change the main image of the jet, from a pixelated image of a jet pointing toward the logo, to a high definition photo from the Gulfstream manufacturer.  We also changed the color of the quote form to match the image next to it, from a dull grey, to an acqua/sky blue.

Broadbent Construction

Broadbent Construction Featured on Angie's List, a directory of consumer rated local service companies and contractors
Broadbent Construction Featured on Angie’s List, a directory of consumer rated local service companies and contractors

We have helped Broadbent Construction gain a larger presence on the construction market by researching keywords relevant to what home owners would be looking for, such as renovations or remodeling. We have added content to the site in the descriptions sections and have matched up this content with similar meta descriptions. They are on 1st page for many long tail keyword phrases. Here are a few examples. ” Greenwich, CT Contractors” and “Greenwich, CT Builders” as shown below. We have added local information to the website and listed him in Google, Yahoo, and Bing Local directories. We’ve also written blogs for them on sites that have higher rankings, and thus increased both internal and external links. This process, too, is ongoing, and there is much left to do. We’ve also re-built Broadbent Construction’s website, which has allowed us to create more blogs and provide more detailed information for any visitor. Since we started our Search Engine Optimization services, Broadbent Construction has seen an increase in requests for construction estimates.

Ranks-first-for Greenwich-CT-Contractors-Search-Phrase

Our efforts have also helped him obtain a featured post on Angie’s list, which you can see to the above. Angie’s List is not only relevant, but is also visited by many home owners.

Want to increase your Google page ranking? Similar to the case study above, we also took Broadbent Construction from a page rank zero all the way to a page rank four in less than 5 months!       

St. George Residences

New-St.-George-Website-redesignThe St. George Residences management came to us for help with filling apartment listings and vacancies. They needed a lot of search engine optimization help and their old, outdated site needed a drastic website redesign and upgrade. We filled 7 vacant rooms in less than a week for them.  We did both On-Page SEO as well as off page inbound link building to bring more visitors to the website. They now are on 1st page for long tail keyword phrase ” Studio apartments in Santa Cruz” and on the 1st page for “Downtown Santa Cruz apartments for rent”  They have so much history in downtown Santa Cruz. The new manager Morse Husin is very happy with the level of service that Vab Media provided, feel free to contact him to find out more.

Shoreline Landscape Design

Shoreline Landscape Design's Google Places Listing with images
Shoreline Landscape Design’s Google Places Listing with images

Shoreline Landscape Design was showing up on the third page for the following long tail keyword phrases: “Santa Cruz Landscaping Contractors” and “Santa Cruz Landscape Services.” Just a few hours of listing his website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other local business directories, we moved his listing from third or fourth page to first page 4th position. One thing that helps him stand out are his wonderful landscape design and structures. Thus, when local directories allow you to list photos, it’s completely worth spending the time to upload them in order to help others see the work you do no matter what website they are on. Google and Bing allows business owners to list details and photos, so it was easy for us to make this guy look good. Since his domain url had been around a few years, the website just needed some minimum optimization that was easily integrated using the All-In-One SEO plugin on WordPress. There is still a lot left to do, and more keywords to conquer.


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