Business Owners: SEO Is Not A Project   

Google made 665 changes, updates and launches to their search algorithm last year.   

SEO can never be a project, and it just can never be treated as a project.  Big sites come against this issue all the time.  You think your SEO is done and it is never done.  It does not matter what department you are working in,  it could be with an editorial team,  a product, a technical group or even upper management,  it can never be done its not a project and it should never treated as such because if it is it will fail.  Too many things change for businesses not to invest in this on a full time basis.     

This Google image shows how many algorithm launches happen every year.  

Algorithms – Inside Search – Google-665-launches-updates-2012

Via Google How Search Works      


What search strategies and techniques that work this year may not be effective next year.  Do you have a plan to stay ahead of your competition going forward for the next 5 to 10 years?   Below is list of some of Google’s search algorithm projects which you can find on their page by clicking on the blue link :

Google’s Search Projects

There are many components to the search process and the results page, and we’re constantly updating our technologies and systems to deliver better results. Many of these changes involve exciting new innovations, such as the Knowledge Graph or Google Instant. There are other important systems that we constantly tune and refine. This list of projects provides a glimpse into the many different aspects of search.


Displays immediate answers and information for things such as the weather, sports scores and quick facts.


Predicts what you might be searching for. This includes understanding terms with more than one meaning.


Finds results out of millions of books, including previews and text, from libraries and publishers worldwide.


Shows the latest news and information. This includes gathering timely results when you’re searching specific dates.

Google Instant

Displays immediate results as you type.


Shows you image-based results with thumbnails so you can decide which page to visit from just a glance.


Uses systems for collecting and storing documents on the web.

Knowledge Graph

Provides results based on a database of real world people, places, things, and the connections between them.


Includes improvements designed specifically for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.


Includes results from online newspapers and blogs from around the world.

Query Understanding

Gets to the deeper meaning of the words you type.


Provides features like “Advanced Search,” related searches, and other search tools, all of which help you fine-tune your search.


Reduces the amount of adult web pages, images, and videos in your results.

Search Methods

Creates new ways to search, including “search by image” and “voice search.”

Site & Page Quality

Uses a set of signals to determine how trustworthy, reputable, or authoritative a source is. (One of these signals is PageRank, one of Google’s first algorithms, which looks at links between pages to determine their relevance.)


Shows small previews of information, such as a page’s title and short descriptive text, about each search result.


Identifies and corrects possible spelling errors and provides alternatives.


Recognizes words with similar meanings.

Translation and Internationalization

Tailors results based on your language and country.

Universal Search

Blends relevant content, such as images, news, maps, videos, and your personal content, into a single unified search results page.

User Context

Provides more relevant results based on geographic regionWeb History, and other factors.


Shows video-based results with thumbnails so you can quickly decide which video to watch.

Conclusion-How to Get the Most ROI From Marketing

Each year search engine algorithms evolve to get smarter and more advanced.  Which means that strategies, tactics  and what ranking factors matter most will change each also, so it is critical to stay update and hire an search expert agency that is paying attention each and everyday.  Vab Media combines a deep understanding of search marketing with a passion for product strategy and iterative product development, fusing design and user experience with quantitative analysis.   Future proof your business by hiring us to become part of your marketing team so you have an expert on your side the next time a major algorithm launch happens that you did not even know about, and you were not left wondering what happened to my websites traffic?  Start getting more results online.