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How digital advertising is influencing in-store retail shopping

The advantage of leveraging today’s consumer shopping behavior, location and online convenience         Over the past 20 years, people have grown used to convenience, variety, and delivery to their doorstep.  This modern-day shopping paradigm was ushered in by one of the Big

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Google RankBrain Machine Learing

The REAL SEO Impact of Google’s RankBrain on Traffic in 2017

The rise and advances of new automation and artificial intelligence software algorithms, including those that learn predictive models from historical data, are making increasingly consequential predictive decisions. Such decisions are having an impact on the lives of people in domains as diverse

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keyword research

Keyword Research Targeting for PPC and SEO Guide

The relationship between keywords and search queries is the foundation of Google Ads paid search marketing and organic SEO campaigns. We hope this 5,000 word keyword targeting guide will help startups and business owners have a better understanding of how you can combine PPC

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Google Analytics

What is Google Tag Manager, and Why Do You Need It?

It’s a given that if you’re doing any type of marketing, especially online marketing, that you should set up goals and measure what campaign and marketing channels are actually working.  Your startup or established business might already have Google Analytics tracking installed,

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Google Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Search Quality Rating Guideline Updated in 2017

  2017 Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines Released- with a new emphasis on Mobile and Usefulness and Fighting Fake News By Vania Benavides Most digital marketing professionals in the SEO community are used to getting information second hand. Google is famous for

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