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45 Landing Page Optimization best practice tests for Startups to try

Digital touchpoints are an essential factor brands take into account when developing digital marketing strategies. Since Amazon started personalizing recommended products based on previous viewing histories and preferences, other companies followed and began to provide more personalized content experiences. For instance, Netflix’s

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mobile search

8 Mobile Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions in 2018

For many websites, desktop traffic may still bring more searches than mobile, and for the last few years, responsively designed websites have dominated the web as the format of choice to satisfy all users. Responsively-designed sites use CSS3 media queries to serve

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facebook marketing-tips

7 Simple Steps To Give Your Business’s Facebook Page a Makeover

Has your small business’s Facebook page seen better days? Perhaps you have an outdated logo as your profile picture, you aren’t utilizing available integrations, or your timeline is rarely updated with company news. If you aren’t generating sales and interacting with customers

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User Experience (UX) Design Trends for 2018

Design is a secret language that lets brands tell their customers they know what they’re doing. It’s a social thermometer and a gauge. So where are we in design, now that it’s 2018, and what should mobile designers and startup brands be

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